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Angliss’ first online community market at Virtual Open Day

Our Virtual Open Day is fast approaching and just in case you need another reason to attend, let this be the cherry on top!

Our Community Market was a huge highlight of last year's Open Day. We love supporting small businesses and we thought, why not have it again this year?

To make it extra special, we're making this year's community market a special alumni edition. We're excited to welcome back some of our talented bakers, chefs, travel organisers and event managers to our big day. Here's a sneak peek of who you might bump into:

Rosheen Kaul

We spoke to the author of the Isol(Asian) cookbook last month and since then, her book and recipes keep on popping up everywhere. Want to test out one of her recipes? This week Broadsheet published her Chilli Oil recipe - believed to be so good you can eat it on its own or with just rice. Want to grab a copy? You know what to do.

Moke Dining

Moke is the first solo venture of Michael Cole, Head Chef and Angliss Alumni. Since opening in 2019, Moke has been the premier and authentic taste of the Mornington Peninsula. They successfully combine fresh and high-quality ingredients with a sense of fun and enjoyable ambiance. See how Michael does it at our Community Market.


Floss & Fleur

Brittany, the founder of Floss & Fleur, graduated from the Diploma of Event Management in 2013 and Bachelor of Event Management in 2017. Since then, she has managed and styled countless events. And even with COVID-19, she manages to keep inventing and creating special moments for people at home. Curious how she's adapting her business through this period? Check out her Instagram here.


Katielous Cakes

Kaitlyn Bott started Katielous Cakes in 2016 after completing a Certificate III in Retail Baking at Angliss. Whether it's beautiful cakes, cupcakes, or DIY cookie jars you're after, she can provide a vegan or gluten-free option for you. And, cookie shipping is available Australia-wide.


Scuba Culture

Are you an avid scuba diver? We're lucky to have Melissa Zabalegui, Associate Diploma of Business in Travel and Tourism graduate who now runs Scuba Culture. Like everyone else, we miss having outdoor adventures, but while we wait for restriction to ease, another fun way to fill up your days is to learn new things. Scuba Culture regularly runs online sessions around learning how to dive, the science behind it and more. Check out Melissa's work on our Virtual Open Day.

Ready for more? Not only will you get to see our Alumni and place orders, but we're also hosting a live Q&A with some of them. Here's your chance to ask them all about their time at Angliss, their businesses and everything you need to know about how you can get your start in the industry.

Join us at Angliss Open Day!