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New dessert business comes to life in Indonesia

Angliss Graduates Yoan Tjahjadi & Ivan Setyawan are set to take Indonesia’s dessert scene by storm, with their pastry company Namelaka being featured in a recent edition of Indonesian Bareca bakery magazine.

After graduating in 2015, Yoan and Ivan returned to their home country of Indonesia, and earlier this year launched Namelaka, an online business which sells beautiful baked goods.
Namelaka is aiming to bring into popularity the classic French dessert choux au craquelin which has often been overshadowed by its cousin the éclair, and with Yoan and Ivan’s stunning creations, they look set to achieve their goals.
Training at William Angliss Institute was an important step for Ivan and Yoan.
“William Angliss Institute has equipped us with the necessary skills and knowledge. With the right tools and knowledge, we understand more about the work we are in,” said Ivan.
“The practical aspect of the training lets us train and practice our skills. As we all know, practice makes perfect. This is why the practical aspect of the training is irreplaceable,” he said.
An important part of Yoan’s practical training while at Angliss was being a part of Adriano Zumbo’s Melbourne kitchen team. “Over the course of 9 months, I have learnt various things, from the arts of a chocolatier to assembling the most imaginative cakes and entremets in the country, “ said Yoan.
The pair hopes to expand their business beyond the online space soon, with plans to open stores in Jakarta and beyond.

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