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Academic Profile - Dr Caroline Winter



Dr Caroline Winter has worked at the University of Southern Queensland, La Trobe University, Charles Sturt University and Federation University where she taught tourism, management and research methods. Caroline is interested in the natural environment and sustainability, and her early research concerned values (intrinsic and instrumental) for natural places. She has also published articles about tourism and climate change. Recently Caroline began work relating to the ethical issues of using domestic animals in the tourism and leisure industries. Dr Winter’s current and primary research focus concerns the First World War (1914-1918), and the way in which social memory and remembrance are formed through tourist activities. Both quantitative and qualitative methods are used in these projects, including questionnaires and short interviews with visitors, and analysis of visitor books at the military cemeteries. Places on the old Somme battlefield, such as Pozières in France, and Ieper/Ypres in Belgium, are Caroline’s favourite places to work.


  • Grad Cert Higher Ed. University of Ballarat
  • PhD, Charles Sturt University
  • MA, Monash University
  • BA (Hons), Charles Sturt University
  • BBus (Tourism Mgt) Charles Sturt University
  • BBus (Accounting), Darwin Institute of Technology

Contact details

T: +61 3 9606 2315

Areas of expertise

  • Quantitative research: visitor experience and motivations
  • Social memory relating to battlefield tourists for the First World War: military cemeteries, museums, commemorative events and memorials
  • Ethics and use of animals in the tourism and leisure industries
  • Values for natural environments


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List of research publications


  • Martin, J., Rogers, M., & Winter, C. (Eds.). (2009). Climate change in regional Australia: Social learning and adaptation. Ballarat: VURRN.

Book chapters

  • Winter, C. (2016). Celebrating peace and commemorating war in the city of Ieper. In K. Reeves, G. Bird, L. James, B. Stichelbaut, J. Bourgeois (Eds.), Battlefield events: Landscape, commemoration and heritage. London: Routledge.
  • Winter, C., & Young, W. (2015). Fatalities and fascinators: A new perspective on thoroughbred racing. In N. Carr (Ed.), Domestic animals and leisure (pp. 241-258). London: Palgrave MacMillan.
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  • Winter, C. (2007). Tourism, nation and power: A Foucauldian perspective. In A. Church, T. Coles (Eds.), Tourism, power and space (pp. 101-121). London: Routledge.

Journal articles

  • Winter, C. (2015). Social memory and battle names: Exploring links between travel, memory and the media. Tourism and Hospitality Research, Published online December 29, DOI: 10.1177/1467358415624006.
  • Winter, C. (2015). Ritual, remembrance and war: Social memory at Tyne Cot. Annals of Tourism Research, 54, 16-29.
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Conference Papers

  • Winter, C., & Knox, I. (2014). Centenaire 14-18 online: A brief review. CAUTHE, Tourism and Hospitality in the Contemporary World: Trends, Changes and Complexity. 10-13 February, 2014, Brisbane.
  • Winter, C. (2012). National visitation on the Western Front: A study of some Great War cemeteries. International Geographic Union Symposium, Transforming and Managing Destinations: Tourism and Leisure in a Time of Global Change and Risks, Trier, Germany, 22-25 August.
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