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Academic Profile - Dr Paul Whitelaw



Paul A Whitelaw is Associate Director Higher Education and Quality at William Angliss Institute. Prior to this appointment he was a Senior Lecturer in the College of Business at Victoria University where he lectured in research methods and quantitative and computer based hospitality management systems on undergraduate and postgraduate programs as well as supervising PhD Scholars. In 2011 Paul was the Acting Head of the School of International Business, and before that he was Foundation Executive Director at VU’s Centre for Hospitality and Tourism Research (1993-1996). Before joining Victoria University in 1991, Paul enjoyed nearly 15 years’ experience in various line and executive positions in the Hospitality Industry.


  • PhD “Re-Conceptualising Hospitality Management: Analysing and Predicting Career Progression and Success in Hospitality” Victoria University (2011)
  • MBus (Finance) Victoria University of Technology (1999)
  • BBus (Catering and Hotel Management) (Dist.) Footscray Institute of Technology (1985)
  • BBus (Accounting) (Dist.) Footscray Institute of Technology (1985)
  • Certificate of Business Studies (Marketing) RMIT (TAFE) (1985)

Contact details

T: +61 3 9606 2135

Areas of expertise

  • Hotel Management
  • Revenue Management
  • Career Progression
  • Quantitative Research Methods


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List of research publications

Book chapters

  • McGrath, G.M., Meijerink, H., and Whitelaw, P. A. (forthcoming). Green growth systems models. In M. Jiang & T. deLacy (Eds.), Green growth and travelism – The academic viewpoint. Routledge.
  • Whitelaw, P. A. (2013). Revenue management in hotels and airlines: A critique. In A. Fyall, P. Legohérel & E. Poutier (Eds.), Revenue management for hospitality and airlines (pp. 169-181). Oxford: Goodfellows.
  • Whitelaw, P. A. (2008). How ICT has changed operations and management. In P. Jones, P. (Eds), Handbook of hospitality operations and IT (pp.167 – 185). Oxford: Butterworth Heinemann.

Journal articles

  • Tolkach, D., King, B, & Whitelaw, P.A. (2015). Creating Australia's National Landscapes: Issues of collaborative destination management. Journal of Destination Marketing & Management, published online December 9 2015, DOI:
  • Whitelaw, P.A., & Wrathall, J. (2015). Developing practice orientated undergraduate courses in a quality framework: a case study: Bachelor of event management. Quality Assurance in Education, 23(4), 395-409.
  • Whitelaw, P.A., King, B.E.M., & Tolkach, D. (2014). Protected areas, conservation and tourism – financing the sustainable dream. Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 22(4), 584-603.
  • Filep, S., Munk-Klint, L., Whitelaw, P.A., Dominey-Howes, D., & deLacy T (2013). Happiness, satisfaction and risk perception: a tourism exploration. Tourism Review International, 17(4).
  • Whitelaw, P.A. & Henderson, F. (2013). Bridging the divide: using multi-media resources to support Chinese students develop academic literacy and settle into Australian higher education. International Journal Of Educational Integrity.
  • Whitelaw, P.A. & Henderson, F. (2013). Using the ELM, multi-media and modern culture to positively address plagiarism. Journal of Academic Language and Learning, 8(2), A1-A12.
  • Whitelaw, P.A. (2013). Leadership up the ladder: the construction of leadership styles in the hospitality industry. Journal of Contemporary Issues in Business and Government, 19(1), 65-80.
  • Lockstone-Binney, L., Robertson, M., Whitelaw, P.A., Junek, O., & Michael, I. (2013). The motives for ambassadors bidding for international association meetings and events. Event Management, 17(1), 18(1), 65-74.
  • Henderson, F., & Whitelaw, P.A. (2013). Academic literacy and cultural familiarity. Interdisciplinary Journal of E-Learning and Learning Objects, 9.
  • Henderson, F., & Whitelaw, P.A. (2013). Intercultural awareness and the global economy: Chinese students and Academic literacy a lesson larger than just paraphrasing. Development and Learning in Organisations, 27(5), 7-10.
  • Dredge, D., Benckendorff, P., Day, M., Gross, M., Walo, M., Weeks, P., & Whitelaw, P.A. (2013), Drivers of change in tourism, hospitality and event management education: Australian perspectives. Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Education, 25(2), 89-102.
  • Dredge, D., Benckendorff, P., Day, M., Gross, M., Walo, M., Weeks, P., & Whitelaw, P.A. (2012). The philosophic practitioner and the curriculum space. Annals of Tourism Research, 34(4), 2154-2176.
  • King, B.E.M., Breen, J., & Whitelaw, P.A. (2012). Hungry for growth? SMTE business ambitions, knowledge acquisition & industry engagement. International Journal of Tourism Research, 16(3), 272-281.
  • Law, A., DeLacy, T., McGrath, G.M., Whitelaw, P.A., Lipman, G., & Buckley, G. (2012). Towards a green economy decision support system for tourism destinations. Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 20(6), 823-843.
  • Zhu X., Pfueller, S., Whitelaw, P.A., & Winter, C. (2010). Spatial differentiation of landscape values in the Murray River Region of Victoria. Australia. Environmental Management, 45,896-911.
  • Nair, V, & Whitelaw, P.A. (2008). Hospitality and tourism vocation: program selection in a private institution of higher learning in Malaysia. Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Education, 20(1), 120-127.
  • Polonsky, M., & Whitelaw, P.A. (2005). A multi-dimensional examination of marketing journal rankings by North American academics. Marketing education review, 16(3), 59-72.
  • Polonsky, M., & Whitelaw, P.A. (2005). What are we measuring when we evaluate journals. Journal of Marketing Education, 27(2), 189-201.
  • Whitelaw, P.A., & Morda, R. (2004). Leadership in the hospitality industry: Boadecia vs Attila–bring it on!, Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management, 11(2) 2004, 139-148.
  • Kidd, J.N., King, B.E.M., & Whitelaw, P.A. (2004). A profile of farmstay visitors in Victoria, Australia and preliminary activity-based segmentation. Journal of Hospitality and Leisure Marketing, 11(4), 45-64.
  • Whitelaw, P.A., & Gillet, S. (2003). When will the girls take over in hospitality and tourism. Tourism Recreation Research, 28(2).
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  • King, B.E.M., Bransgrove, C., & Whitelaw, P.A. (1998). Profiling the strategic marketing activities of small tourism businesses. Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing, 7(4), 45-59.

Research supervision

  • Co-supervised eight PhDs to successful completion.
  • Co-supervised two Honours students to successful completion.
  • Supervised four Masters minor and two Masters major theses to successful completion.

Research grants

  • 2013 - Funding Opportunities for Tourism in Protected Areas (Scoping Study). Funded $15,000 by the Tourism and Transport Forum.
  • 2012 - Working from the Centre: Supporting unit/course co-ordinators to implement academic integrity polices, resources and scholarship (with Henderson, F). Funded $130,000 by Office for Learning and Teaching.
  • 2012 - Tourism in Protected Areas. Funded $30,000 by Tourism and Transport Forum.
  • 2011 - Understanding Volunteers on Crown Lands Committees of Management (with Lockstone-Binney, L). Funded $100,000 by Department of Sustainability and Environment.
  • 2009 - Building a Stronger Future: Balancing Professional and Liberal Education Ideals in Tourism and Hospitality Education (with Dredge, D. (Leader), Beckendorff, P. and Gross, M.). Funded $200,000 by Australian Learning and Teaching Council.
  • 2008 - The Efficacy of Culturally Specific Academic Literacy and Academic Honesty Resources for Chinese Students (with Henderson, F). Funded $80,000 by Australian Learning and Teaching Council.
  • 2007 - Understanding Accommodation Choice Selection Processes (with Jago, L.K.J.). Funded $35,000 by Sustainable Tourism Cooperative Research Centre.
  • 2007 - Leadership in Australian Hospitality Management (with Hemmington, N. Ladkin, A.). Funded $5,000 by Bournemouth University.
  • 2006 - Developing Multi-Media Resources to Improve Academic Literacy (with Henderson, F). Funded $20,000 by Victoria University.
  • 2006 - Developing Multi-Media Resources to Enhance Students’ Understanding of CGAs and ESs (with Russell, L). Funded $45,000 by Victoria University.
  • 2006 - Developing a Framework to Evaluate the Impact of Funding Initiatives in Regional Tourism. Funded $30,000 by Department of Sustainability and Environment.
  • 2006 - Using local data analysis to understand visitor movements in the Cairns region (with Jago, L.K.J). Funded $36,000 by Sustainable Tourism Cooperative Research Centre.
  • 2005 - Developing FLECSI Learning Resources for first year Business Students (with Wong, L.). Funded $7,500 by Victoria University.
  • 2005 - Assessing Community Attitudes Along the Murray River (with Pfeuller, S., Xuan, Z. and Winter, C.). Funded $25,000 by Sustainable Tourism Cooperative Research Centre.
  • 2005 - Assessing Training Needs in the Australian Hospitality Industry (with Davidson, M., Buultjens, J. and Barron, P.). Funded $30,000 by Sustainable Tourism Cooperative Research Centre.
  • 2005 - Impact of Fuel Price Shocks (with O’Mahony, G.B. and Ritchie, B.). Funded $12,940 by Sustainable Tourism Cooperative Research Centre.
  • 2005 - Develop an on-line, multi media resource for recently arrived Asian post graduate business students. Funded $25,000 by Telematics Trust.
  • 2005 - Protected Areas Visitor Modelling for Mountain Bikers. Funded $5,000 by Parks Victoria.
  • 2005 - Protected Areas Visitor Modelling for Over 60’s. Funded $5,000 by Parks Victoria.
  • 2005 - Visitor Satisfaction Survey for Buchan Caves. Funded $5,000 by Parks Victoria.
  • 2004 - International and National visitors to key destinations within Metropolitan Melbourne: An analysis of visitor activity. Funded $12,500 by Sustainable Tourism Cooperative Research Centre.
  • 2004 - Developing an Integrated Database of Visitation Statistics at the Urban Centre Level using the IVS and NVS: 2000 - 2002. Funded $30,000 by Sustainable Tourism Cooperative Research Centre.
  • 2003 - Best Practices in Visitor Management Systems in Protected Parks (with Pearlman, M.). Funded $50,000 by Sustainable Tourism Cooperative Research Centre.

Academic/professional awards

  • Reviewer of the year: Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Education 2011, 2014.
  • Vice Chancellor’s Award for Teaching Excellence VU 2006

Professional memberships

  • Member, Council for Australasian University Tourism and Hospitality Education (CAUTHE) 1996 – present.
  • Chair, CAUTHE (2008 – 2013)
  • Director, The International Centre for Tourism and Hospitality Excellence (THE-ICE) 2012 – present.
  • Associate Member and Oceania Regional Consultant, Asia Pacific Council for Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Education (APacCHRIE). (2007 - present).
  • Associate Member and Member of the Strategic Planning Committee, International Council for Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Education (ICHRIE). (2007 - present)