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Academic Profile - Effie Lagos




Doctor of Philosophy, Deakin University


Pilgrimages as consumption experiences have been a focus in the marketing discipline mainly from managerial perspectives. A pilgrimage involves travel to a sacred site and the literature notes that there are differences between pilgrimages and travellers based on motivational factors. The popularity of Gallipoli in recent years has led researchers to explore visitor motivations. Recent findings reveal there are managerial implications for the site management, so Gallipoli requires further attention.

The aim of the study is to explore how transformative experiences (TE’s) act as a catalyst for visitors between brand salience and brand resonance within the context of the Gallipoli pilgrimage. The brand development will adopt Keller’s model and will use transformative research theory as the lens to clarify how tourist experiences can develop brand resonance. 

This study will adopt a phenomenological qualitative approach, which is considered to be the most suitable when exploring complex phenomena. As the focus is from various perspectives it seeks to explore individual meanings during the pilgrimage experience.


  • Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Teaching, Melbourne University (Melbourne)
  • Master of Tourism, Monash University (Melbourne)
  • Graduate Diploma of Tourism, Monash University (Melbourne)
  • Bachelor of Arts, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece)

Contact details

T: +61 3 9606 2113

Teaching responsibility

  • The Event Industry
  • Conference and Convention Management
  • Marketing and Communication for Events
  • Event Evaluation and Innovation

Teaching responsibility

Journal articles

  • Lagos, E., Harris, A., & Sigala, M. (2015). Emotional language for image formation and market segmentation in dark tourism destinations: findings from tour operator websites promoting Gallipoli Tourismos, 10(2), 153-170.
  • Lagos, E., Kloppenborg, P., & Alebaki, M. (2013). Tweet me a drink: The use of social media in Victoria's (Australia) wine tourism industry. Journal of Marketing Vistas, 3(2), 11-23.

Book chapters

  • Lagos, E., Dolphin, A., & Kerlin, F. (2019). Designing and Running Overseas Study Tours. In The Study of Food, Tourism, Hospitality and Events (pp. 143-153). Springer, Singapore.

Refereed conference papers

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Book Reviews

  • Lagos, E., (2017): “Focus on world festivals: contemporary european case studies and perspectives”, Newbold, C., Maughan, C., Jordan, J., and Bianchini, F. (editors), Tourism Analysis, Vol 22 No.4
  • Lagos, E., (2017). Focus on world festivals: contemporary case studies and perspectives, Journal of Policy Research in Tourism, Leisure and Events, DOI: 10.1080/19407963.2017.1338515

Professional memberships

  • Council for Australasian Tourism and Hospitality Education (CAUTHE)
  • American Marketing Association (AMA)