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Academic Profile - Rajiv Gulshan



Doctor of Education, University of Melbourne


Assessment against competency standards involves collecting evidence and then forming a judgement about whether or not competence has been achieved. Several factors impact on these judgements, including the skills and experience of the assessors, clarity of the particular competency standards and moderation of assessment processes in the training organisation. Rajiv aims to explore whether assessors working in training organisations delivering commercial cookery qualifications have sufficiently sound grounding in assessment theory and practice and related tools and techniques. In particular, do training organisations in other countries that follow the competency based training system have clearly defined and documented standards for assessing a dish cooked by a student? And, is appropriate professional development afforded to assessors to ensure that students doing commercial cookery qualifications judged in an accurate and reliable way?. His research question explores the relationship between assessor’s level of vocational expertise and assessment expertise and if this influences the vocational education and training provided to the students.

Contact details

T: +61 3 9606 2115

List of research publications

Journal articles

  • Gulshan, R. (2014). Exploitation of information and communication technologies to enhance learning communication and hence self-advocacy for those with learning disabilities. ATITHI, September 2014.
  • Gulshan, R. (2015). Changes to the delivery strategy for inclusive education: A case study of a training organisation in Melbourne. International Journal of Hospitality and Tourism, 5(2).

Academic/Professional Awards

  • Awarded Life Long Fellowship by International Specialised Skills Institute, Department of Education in 2015
  • Decorated with ‘Commanderie des Cordons Bleus de France’ in 2006

Professional memberships

  • Member of Australian Culinary Federation Victoria Chapter
  • Member of Les Toques Blanches Executive Chef Club. Please refer to