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Orientation FAQs

Why should I attend orientation?

Orientation will assist you to be a successful William Angliss Institute student by providing information about campus resources, programs and support services that are important to your studies.


What happens at orientation?

You will:

  • Meet your program leaders /coordinators'/specialist staff
  • Receive and understand your timetable
  • Find out where your classrooms/lecture/kitchen/theatres and lockers are located
  • Get an overview of Student Guidelines including the Student Code of Conduct
  • Meet other incoming students


Do I have to attend orientation?

It is compulsory that all students attend orientation sessions that are relevant to them and their program.


Why are there more than one orientation sessions?

Program structure and student requirements can vary greatly from program to program. To ensure all students understand the expectations of their program and can get the most out of their studies, it is important to provide an area specific orientation before classes begin. In addition to this, we provide targeted orientation sessions for local vocational, local degrees and international students to help each cohort get the most out of their time at the Institute.