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Courses at Angliss



A patisserie qualification opens doors to employment opportunities in leading hotels, restaurants and boutique patisseries worldwide. Learn specialty techniques in our state-of-the-art training kitchens, with a range of study units including petits fours, pastries, plated desserts and the artisan skills of chocolate and sugar decorations.

Commercial Cookery

Make the kitchen your office and start a career that feeds your soul. Our cookery courses are highly regarded by the industry and designed to give you the very best preparation for a career as a professional chef. You'll develop fundamental cooking and kitchen management skills taught by experienced chefs in our state-of-the-art facilities.


Develop commercial baking skills while exploring artisan style breads, pastries and cakes. Our premier Baking courses run from a commercial training kitchen with experienced bakers guiding your development. Learning fundamental baking practices and practical skills, you’ll be well equipped for a career as a baker.

Food Science and Technology

Combining chemistry, biology and microbiology, food science opens up a variety of rewarding careers in the food industry. Learn how to make food healthier, tastier and safer for consumers with the help of our expert teachers, guest lecturers and field trips.

Meat Processing

Keep the traditions of meat aging, curing, smoking and boning alive while learning essential skills for working in a modern retail environment. The combination of industry and classroom training in our Butchery courses gives you a solid set of skills and knowledge to build a long and fulfilling career.

Culinary Management

Be the director of the complete dining experience with a qualification in culinary management. This course teaches you how to successfully manage commercial kitchens and culinary operations of all kinds. You’ll learn the foundations of cookery, from cooking techniques and menu design through to sustainable procurement.

Food Studies

Food studies is an emerging and thriving field. It allows students to develop a holistic understanding of the practical challenges facing government, industry and consumers in how to feed ourselves well. You’ll explore the links between food, agriculture, policy and health, gaining a deep understanding of the entire food system.