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International Student Admissions Information


Have you checked and understood:

  • Academic programs available including course structure, delivery methods, campus locations  and projected course graduate/career outcomes
  • Academic entry requirements 
  • English language requirements
  • Financial requirements to undertake study at the Institute living and in Australia
  • Requirements of Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE)/Genuine Student (GS) status and overall requirements of compliance with the student visa conditions.
  • Check the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website for visa application process, SVP eligibility and eligibility criteria for student visa application.
  • Check the Student Visa Assessment Level (AL) on


Application steps:

  • Complete International Student Application Form including Student Declaration and, where applicable, Agent Declaration which confirms student awareness of student visa regulations,   financial obligations and satisfying GTE and GS criteria.
  • Complete the Financial Declaration. Applicants from AL 2 and AL 3 countries (Visa Subclass 572 and 573) must present evidence of funds. This form is not currently required for Assessment Level 1 countries, but the Institute may request it from applicants if required to see evidence of funds.
  • Attach one set of all certified documents as identified in the Document Checklist for Application
  • Refer to Document Checklist for Application on the inside back cover to ensure you have completed your application correctly

Send by courier, email, fax or post to:
William Angliss Institute, International Office, 555 La Trobe Street,
Email: Fax: +61 3 9670 9348.


  • Application assessed and if successful, Letter of Offer and Acceptance Agreement forwarded to applicant/agent.
  • Applicant/Agent to ensure the Applicant understands the terms and conditions of Letter of Offer and Acceptance Agreement and accuracy of course(s) offered.



  • Applicant reads and understands all the details in the offer and signs Letter of Offer and Acceptance Agreement (including a Student Declaration and Agent Declaration if applicable).
  • Signed Letter of Offer and Acceptance Agreement returned to the Institute with evidence of payment.
  • The Institute will issue the Confirmation of Enrolment (CoEs) for your student visa application.
  • If applicable, complete and return.
  • Attend Orientation and Enrolment session at the Institute.

Disclaimer: Incorrect or incomplete applications will not be processed and may lead to a delay in processing applications. Please ensure that all documents provided are certified or notarised by authorised organisation. The Institute reserves the right to decline applications for any reason at our discretion.


Need assistance with your application?

Registered Representatives and Agents

The Institute has accredited a number of representatives around the world to provide advice on study opportunities at the Institute and living in Australia. They will assist you to secure places at the Institute and also coordinate initial airport reception and accommodation placement. Some representatives may provide additional services. These representatives may charge a fee for their services. Visit our Agent Directory for details.

In the event that an application is submitted through an approved representative, the representative will be required to sign off the application together with the applicant.

The Institute will not be responsible or liable for information provided to you by an organisation that is not a registered and accredited representative of the Institute. The Institute is not required to accept an application from a potential international student through a non-accredited organisation. You should ask for evidence of accreditation with William Angliss Institute before proceeding with an application.