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Admissions Info - Local Students

It's great that you've chosen William Angliss Institute and we look forward to seeing you on campus.

There are five steps in the enrolment process:

Step 1: Apply - Year 12 students

Year 12 students applying for Diploma or Degree level courses must apply through VTAC.

Students applying for Certificate courses (II, III or IV) can apply directly to Angliss, using the process outlined below.


Step 1: Apply - Everyone else

You can apply from our course pages, just click the Apply link on the relevant course page and fill in the online form to begin your application.

How to Apply - Vocational
How to Apply - Higher Ed
How to Apply - Apprenticeships and Traineeships

You will receive an email outlining your next steps after you submit your online application form - a summary of them is below.

Step 2: Pre-Training Review

If you are applying for a Vocational course, a Pre-Training Review is a process undertaken to determine the most suitable and appropriate course and training for an individual.

At William Angliss Institute the Pre-Training Review is used to align your aspirations and desired employment outcomes with your current skills and competencies, and is an essential component of the selection process. As part of the Pre-Training Review process you will also complete a Language, Literacy, and Numeracy assessment (LLN), a Skills First Eligibility assessment, and a verification of your citizenship documentation (Green ID).

Step 3: Assessment and selection

The completed Pre-Training Review is assessed by a member from our Admissions Team, during which time you may be contacted to provide further information, or to discuss further your eligibility for government subsidy and programs such as Free TAFE.

For the below courses you will need to attend an interview as part of the selections process:

  • Angliss International Hotel School
  • Bachelor of Food Studies

This is an opportunity for you to meet a Department representative and learn more about the course, as much as it is for us to determine your suitability.

Step 4: Receiving an Offer

Vocational applicants will be notified of their outcome usually within 15 business days of a completed application.

Degree applicants will be notified of their outcome usually within 2 – 3 weeks of a completed application.

Successful applicants will receive a Letter of offer by email with instructions on how to accept.

Step 5: Enrolment

The 'enrolments open date' will be included in your Letter of Offer, on this date you will be emailed instructions which will include the subjects to enrol into for the upcoming semester as well as information on uniform kit lists (if applicable), applying for concessions, loans, and payment plans.

We have limited places in each course, and your place is not confirmed until you have paid your fees in full or made an application for a payment plan. Ensure that you do this by Orientation Day to secure your timetable.

Fees and Payments.

Step 6: Orientation

Once your enrolment is complete, you will be invited to attend Orientation for your course. This is mandatory for all commencing students, and will include essential information for your first day of classes and beyond! This is a great opportunity to get to know your teachers, classmates and other fellow students, as well as to learn about the campus.

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Need help with your application

New beginnings can be daunting but also thrilling. If you need assistance, our Couse Advisors will guide you through the application process. We're excited for you to join our community!


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