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Hotel management a dream career for Angliss alum

Angliss graduate Yan Lei has built a successful career in hotel management working as manager of the four-star Jinyuan Mingdu Hotel in Xiangshan Zhejiang, China.

Yan graduated with an Advanced Diploma of Hospitality at the Sino Australia joint program between William Angliss Institute and Tourism College of Zhejiang.

Managing a hotel at this level requires skills in a range of fields including managing employees and for planning, marketing, coordinating and administering hotel services such as catering and accommodation facilities.

Introduced to the program by his teacher as Yan was interested in hotel management, he studied in Zhejiang Tourism College from 2013 to 2016.

"My training supported my systematic understanding of hotel management and has meant I have become more professional in dealing with things which happen in my career and understand things faster than others," Yan said.

"In the course of our second year, I was asked to build my own restaurant with which I encountered a lot of problems. The teacher's guidance was very helpful to me and I learnt a lot.

"During this project about entrepreneurship, I learnt to know what the key linkages are, how to operate, how to manage, and how to market. And my teacher-guided and helped us throughout this process. For example, our teacher would help us to identify any problems, and this meant the entire process had a better outcome. This helped make me feel better prepared for my future career and entrepreneurship.

"In the future, my ultimate goal is to manage several large hotels. What I have learned and practiced in other hotels will make me more professional and successful in this field," Yan said.

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