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Hiring an apprentice or a trainee is an investment in the future of your business, and provides opportunities for those wanting to combine formal training and to learn on the job.

With over 80 years' experience in delivering training across foods, tourism, hospitality and events, William Angliss Institute has significant links with leading industry bodies and partners, and have world class facilities to offer your apprentice or trainee the best possible learning environment.

Our recognised apprentice and trainee training extends across a broad range of areas, across Australia, catering to the increasing need for quality qualified and skilled apprentices within Australian workplaces.


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Around Australia


Industry Training Victoria

Foods, Tourism, Hospitality, Leadership and more.

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Industry Training Queensland

Certificate III Guarantee program, skill builder programs and more.

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Industry Training South Australia and Northern Territory

Foods, Hospitality, Retail, Business, Leadership and more.

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Industry Training Western Australia

Hospitality, Business, Retail, Travel and Skill-builder programs.

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Industry Training NSW

Training in Foods, Tourism, Hospitality and Events.

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TSS & OSAP Skills Assessment, partnerships, personalised training.

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Indigenous training opportunities at Ayres Rock Resort and Mossman Gorge Centre.

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