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Remission of Debt in Special Circumstances

Remission/re-credit of debt in special circumstances for domestic students

Students who withdraw after census date because they are unable to continue with their studies due to special circumstances can apply for remission of their VET Student Loan (formerly VET FEE-HELP) or FEE-HELP debt, or tuition fees paid up-front. A student cannot apply for a remission if the subject has been successfully completed.

An application is considered by the Manager Student Administration or a nominated officer on the basis of special circumstances that apply to the student that were:

  • beyond the students control;
  • did not make their full impact on the student until on, or after, the census date; and
  • made it impracticable for the student to complete the requirements for the unit in the period during which the student undertook, or was to undertake, the unit.

Special circumstances do not include, for example:

  • lack of knowledge or understanding of requirements under the schemes; or
  • an applicant's incapacity to repay a HELP debt, as repayments are income contingent and the applicant can apply for a deferral of a compulsory repayment in certain circumstances

The student's statement of the special circumstances must include supporting documentation from an independent source or authority.

What is acceptable supporting documentation?

The documentation you provide in support of proving that special circumstances affected your study must come from at least one independent source or authority, dated and signed, that clearly:

  • identifies the special circumstances;
  • dates the occurrence of the special circumstances;
  • states the duration of the special circumstances; and
  • describes the level of impact of the special circumstances.

For example, supporting documentation may include detailed:

  • medical statement from a medical professional (a medical certificate is not sufficient)
  • statement from a minister of religion
  • statement from a counsellor
  • statement from a police officer
  • statement from an employer regarding significant changes in employment circumstances
  • copy of death certificate or death notice in the case of a close family member and proof of relationship to the deceased
  • letter from a lecturer, head of department or relevant institute staff familiar with the applicant's circumstances

What is the timeframe for an application?

An application for a remission or a re-credit must be made, in writing:

  • within 12 months of the withdrawal date of the unit, or,
  • if the person has not withdrawn, within 12 months of the end of the period of study in which the unit was, or was to be, undertaken.
  • where a student has deferred, the 12 month period applies from the end of the period of deferment.

The Institute has the discretion to waive this requirement if it is satisfied that the application could not be made within the time limits.

What happens after an application has been lodged?

The Manager Student Administration considers an application within 14 working days of receipt. William Angliss Institute will notify you of its decision and the reasons for making the decision within 28 days of receipt.

William Angliss Institute will also advise you of your right for a review of the decision if you are dissatisfied with the outcome. The time limit for applying for a review of a decision is 28 days from the day you first received notice of the decision. You are taken to have received notice of the decision one day after the date on the notice of decision and the 28 days timeframe begins on this day.

An appeal/review is lodged by completing a Student Academic and Non-Academic Grievance/Complaint Form and will follow William Angliss Institute's Student Academic and Non-Academic Grievance/Complaints procedure.