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Literacy, Language and Numeracy assessment

We assess your literacy, language and numeracy skills against the Australian Core Skills Framework to:

  • determine that the course you are applying for is suitable and appropriate for you
  • plan any learning support that you may need to achieve a successful outcome to your course
  • assess your eligibility for a VET Student Loan (Diploma and Advanced Diploma).

William Angliss Institute uses the ACER Core Skills Profile for Adults (CSPA) test. This tool has been approved by the Australian Government.


  • You will be sent your unique link to the LLN test site.
  • It is recommended that you do the test on a desktop or laptop computer, rather than a phone or tablet.
  • You must complete the test yourself, with honesty and integrity.
  • If you need to revise some basic maths concepts to brush up on your numeracy skills prior to taking the test, some information can be found here.
  • Once you have completed the test, the results will be provided to you as part of the Student Pack that you need to sign electronically.

Results must be provided to the student and may also be provided to the government. The results will be retained for at least 5 years.