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A winding path to tourism career

Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management student, Georgia Danaher, did a study exchange at the University of Barcelona in Spain, which she followed up with a work placement in London at the National Theatre, cementing her decision to follow her passion for tourism into completing a degree.

While in Spain, Georgia studied a number of subjects, but particularly valuable were her sustainable and heritage tourism subjects.

"Studying heritage in Spain was great because their UNESCO World Heritage List of sites are mainly ruins, and cultural sites whereas Australia has mainly natural wonders, so it was really interesting to study their culture and heritage," she said.

"Also studying sustainability in a country that relies on tourism for their economy was really interesting to see possible future impacts that could be positive or negative for tourism in Spain."

After finishing her study exchange, Georgia did two weeks of work experience at the National Theatre in London. Working as part of the events team in the development department, she had a chance to work a number of events and received administration training for planning events.

A highlight for Georgia was working the Young Patrons Summer Party at the Mayfair Hotel where she got to meet lots of passionate young people who want to support theatre.

Georgia's career goals weren't always as clear to her. When she finished high school, Georgia went straight to university to do an Arts degree. However, after six months travelling alone in Europe, Georgia decided to turn her passion into a career and returned to Australia ready to study. She chose William Angliss Institute due to the Institute's specialisation in tourism.

"There are so many great opportunities at the Institute and there is always something going on around campus which makes it fun and exciting all the time," she enthused.

"It is a small Institute which is great because it isn't overwhelming which University can be when you make the transition from high school," Georgia said of studying at the Institute.

Returning back home to Melbourne, Georgia joined The Ascott Limited as a Guest Services Officer and is now in the Leadership program at The Ascott.

Georgia's goal is to work in tourism in a management role, and her experiences will go a long way to helping her along her path towards this goal.