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Apprenticeships and Traineeships

To work in the experience industry, it’s your experience that counts. When you combine practical work placements with study at Angliss, you get a head start in a career you’re passionate about.

Apprenticeships and traineeships are excellent pathways to employment, and allow you to have the work experience that can give you a head start while also giving you the technical skills you learn through study.


As an apprentice, you’ll be mentored and trained by industry-leading professionals. Our teachers and trainers care about your development and know what it takes to succeed. As part of your learning, you’ll get in-depth training and support that sets you up for success in your chosen trade.


Traineeships are a way to gain a recognised qualification while you work and extend your skills. Traineeships are usually in non-trade areas and can vary in length.

Work your way up to rewarding career options

For decades, many Australian skilled trade professionals, including chefs, have been entering their working life through an apprenticeship or traineeship.

Learning on-the-job skills while working in the trade, the apprentice or trainee gains a valuable combination of practical experience and qualifications.

If you want to start working, earning and learning, explore your opportunities for an apprenticeship or traineeship through Angliss.

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Around Australia

William Angliss Institute also offers a range of industry based apprenticeships and traineeships from our offices in Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia/Northern Territory. You'll find more information about these opportunities below.

Around Australia


Industry Training Victoria

Foods, Tourism, Hospitality, Leadership and more.

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Industry Training Queensland

Certificate III Guarantee program, skill builder programs and more.

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Industry Training South Australia and Northern Territory

Foods, Hospitality, Retail, Business, Leadership and more.

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Industry Training Western Australia

Hospitality, Business, Retail, Travel and Skill-builder programs.

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Industry Training NSW

Training in Foods, Tourism, Hospitality and Events.

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TSS & OSAP Skills Assessment, partnerships, personalised training.

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Indigenous training opportunities at Ayres Rock Resort and Mossman Gorge Centre.

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