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Lateral thinking for Hotel School student learning during lockdown

With students unable to complete their usual hotel placement during stages of lockdown due to COVID-19 restrictions, William Angliss Institute has been thinking laterally about innovative ways to keep students connected with the hotel industry.

A mentor program has been developed with the aim of linking Angliss International Hotel School (AIHS) students with a hotel professional, enabling students to continue with their educational, personal and professional development. This program doesn't replace the usual hotel placement, but instead gives students options for connections with hotel professionals until placements resume.

Over seven weeks, each hotel mentor will be linked with several AIHS students for a weekly 30-minute Zoom session. The topic of managing diversity will be the focus, as mentors explain how hotels manage diversity in various situations and apply practices and procedures. Mentors can share their perspective on how students can manage their own personal and professional development. Mentees can then reflect on their own progress and be better prepared for the workforce.

"This is a valuable opportunity for students to learn directly from a connection with a hotel professional," Program Leader Hospitality and Youth Learning David Wilson said.

"We hope that this program will provide benefits in two ways – students develop their skills, and hotel leaders hone their leadership abilities through coaching and developing students. We are grateful to the hotel professionals who have agreed to share their experience - this may lead to new ways of learning in the future."