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Team Angliss withstands heat to win Victorian Patisserie Challenge

After four teams went whisk to whisk against the clock, William Angliss Institute patisserie students Hayley Happel and Holly Bailey-Tait, who had been trained for all aspects of the competition by Angliss Patisserie teacher Selvana Chelvanaigum, won the Victorian Patisserie Trainee Challenge.

Held for the third time, the challenge aims to promote excellence and encourage achievement within Victoria's patisserie student community. This year, teams of two represented William Angliss Institute, Holmesglen TAFE, Chisolm Institute and Le Cordon Bleu.

The competition was intense. The Holmesglen TAFE and William Angliss Institute teams finished in equal place, with Angliss edging Holmesglen out to win the official trophy.⁠

Thrilled at their success, this event was the first patisserie competition for both members of the Angliss team showcasing their artistic flair and professionalism.

For Certificate III in Patisserie student Holly, it felt surreal to win and she proudly wore her medal all day. "I can't believe it! I'm incredibly proud of myself. Hayley and I worked hard and put a lot of time into this achievement. I'm overwhelmed with the result."

Being awarded the official trophy was one of the challenge highlights for Certificate IV in Patisserie student Hayley, who said it was incredible. "Winning is always such a satisfying feeling, and I'm so grateful to have been able to compete in the Victorian Patisserie Trainee Challenge," she said.

According to head judge Angliss Teacher Patisserie Belinda Clements, the overall performance by each team was the highest it's been.

Holly and Hayley spent months honing their skills so that they were in peak form on the day of the challenge. "They were cool and calm and slightly nervous but one thing that really stood out was the level of professional courtesy and respect they showed the other competitors. They were always willing to help the other competitors," highlighted Belinda.

Holly was also recognised as the Most Outstanding Student and presented with a gift voucher from Sucrée Desert & Wine Bar. "The highlight was being able to participate in this challenge and bring home the Golden Whisk! Seeing the completed desserts displayed after five hours in the kitchen, gave me immense joy," she said.

Patience was a key learning for Hayley and she really appreciated being able to work and have industry professionals take time out of their day to judge and provide feedback. Such intense pressure may not be for everyone and asked what the motivation was to participate, Hayley said, "It was something that was outside my comfort zone. I wanted to push myself to prove that I'm capable to do whatever I put my mind to."

For Hayley, baking has always been a hobby and like many others she discovered her passion for patisserie during the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently working at DRÖM, she aims to connect with other industry professionals and gain as much knowledge possible and would love to work overseas in the future.

Holly was equally excited about the challenge and said, "It was a fantastic opportunity to test and showcase my knowledge and skills that I've learned so far. I'm so fortunate to have been given the chance to be guided and moulded by the talented William Angliss Institute chefs who pushed me to be my best."

Being a hands-on, creative person who also loves the precision and rules of baking, Holly enjoys sharing what she bakes with friends and family. Drawn to the sweet side of life in the last few years she said, "I was looking for something new to learn and my mum, who studied Cookery at William Angliss Institute last year, suggested that I look into the patisserie course, which I did and the rest is history!"

"Now that I've completed my studies, and have thoroughly enjoyed what I have learned and being in a kitchen environment, I can definitely see myself changing careers given the right opportunity," added Holly. She would like to work in an establishment where patrons appreciate inspired unique food and sees herself using her skills in the fine-dining space.

Currently working in the public service, Holly has proven that preparing for a career change is possible so you're thinking of a career in patisserie Hayley's advice is, "Give it a go!! Say yes to as many opportunities as you can, you will forever learn and grow. Always follow your passion!" Holly was also encouraging adding, "You're never too old to learn a new skill. Just ask many questions and try everything that you can. It's OK to fail - that's where you learn and grow."

"The whole experience has been great but the icing on the cake was being recognised and selected to represent William Angliss Institute in the Victorian Patisserie Trainee Challenge."

This event would not have been possible without industry judges Filip Tibos (Apromo Trading), Robert Coco (Cavallini), Markus Werner (Delaware North) and head judge Angliss Teacher Patisserie and Bakery Belinda Clements giving up their time and rising to the challenge of tasting the extraordinary treats.

We also extend thanks to event sponsors - Apromo, Simon George and Sons, Fonterra and Club Chef.

William Angliss Institute has a commitment to collaborating with industry to enhance the student learning experience. For more information about opportunities in hospitality, cookery or events contact or call +613 8595 5334 to learn more.

Published 18 July 2023


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