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William Angliss Institute offers a part-time Food Science Diploma to support industry

With many food specialists working in industry, Angliss is offering its Diploma of Food Science and Technology in a part-time format to make it easier for full-time workers to upskill.

Student Ednalyn Ramos-Ringor said she has worked full-time as a Sample Lab Technician at Sensient Technologies Australia Pty Ltd who manufacture a large range of powdered and liquid, sweet and savoury flavour and colour solutions to a broad range of food and non-food industry customers.

"I got my job after an initial three-week placement. In my current role, I am the one responsible for the coordination, locating, preparing, compounding, testing and shipping of all samples to our customers on time. I am so lucky as the company and the people around me have been supportive of my studies," Ednalyn said.

"I chose William Angliss Institute to do my study as I heard lot of positive feedback from my work colleagues about the school for its high-quality education and good reputation. This program is one of the only schools in Melbourne offering the part-time course which is perfect for me who is a mum and a full-time worker. I was eager to increase my knowledge in the food industry on the side of product development, food safety and quality, etc. Studying at Angliss plays a vital role in my life as I have built more confidence in my work, a better understanding in the food industry, and it has opened up more opportunities in my career and I have more to offer future employers."

Ednalyn said she finds both the sensory analysis and microbiology are both interesting and beneficial for her career development.

"In the next three months, I will be moving to the Quality Control Department and I am looking forward for a new and exciting challenge in my career. This will be a great opportunity for me to share my expertise and what I learnt from my subjects such as conducting a sensory analysis, applying techniques on microbiology and food safety and quality. In terms of my goal for the next two years after my study, I would like to see myself moving into the product development side where I can create new and innovative food products from raw ingredients," Ednalyn said.