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Academic Profile - Dr Kelly Donati


Dr Kelly Donati developed and lectures in Australia’s first Bachelor of Food Studies and Master of Food Systems and Gastronomy in the Faculty of Higher Education. Her teaching responsibilities are focused on gastronomy, food cultures, discourses of diet and health and the micro-politics of fermentation. She is proud to be on the board of directors for Melbourne Farmers Markets and the founding Chairperson of Sustain: the Australian Food Network, a not-for-profit organisation hosted at William Angliss Institute which undertakes food system policy work for local government and beyond. Her doctoral research developed the concept of multispecies gastronomy which explores the convivial and lively co-productive collaborations between humans and nonhumans in small-scale farming practice. She has published widely in the areas of multispecies gastronomy, community gardens, farmers markets, the politics of Slow Food and the development of food studies pedagogy.


  • Philosophy of Science, University of Melbourne, Faculty of Science, Department of Geography, 2016
  • Master of Arts (Gastronomy), University of Adelaide, Faculty of Arts, School of History and Politics, 2004
  • Master of Arts (Cultural Studies and Critical Theory), Monash University, Faculty of Arts, Centre for Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies, 2002
  • Bachelor of Arts (Cultural Studies and Women’s Studies), McGill University, Faculty of Arts, Department of English Literature, 1995

Contact details

T: +613 9606 2325

Areas of expertise

  • Conceptualisations of gastronomy
  • Multispecies ethnography
  • Food systems and agriculture
  • Food studies pedagogy


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List of research publications

Book Chapters

  • Donati, K., Pearson, C., & Taylor, C. (2013). Biodiverse local food systems and dietary diversity: Farmers markets and community gardens in Melbourne, Australia. In J. Fanzo, D. Hunter, T. Borelli, & F. Mattei (Eds.), Diversifying Food and Diets: Using Agricultural Biodiversity to Improve Nutrition and Health. London: EarthScan.
  • Donati, K., Pike, L., & Cleary, S. (2009). Bodies, Bugs and Dirt: Sustainability Re-imagined in Community Gardens. In G. Lawrence, K. Lyons, & T. Wallington (Eds.), Food security, nutrition and sustainability: New challenges, future options. London: EarthScan.
  • Donati, K. (2000). ‘Serial Killers in Love: Dismembering Desire in Poppy Z. Brite’s Exquisite Corpse’. In R. Walker, K. Brass, & J. Bryon (Eds.), Anatomies of violence: An interdisciplinary investigation. Sydney: University of Sydney.

Journal articles

  • Donati, K., Cleary, L., & Rose, N. (2016). Cultivating the critical food artisan: the emergence of an undergraduate food studies program in Australia. Victorian Journal of Home Economics. 54(1), 24—29.
  • Donati, K. (2014). The convivial table: Imagining ethical relations through multispecies gastronomy. The Aristologist: An Antipodean Journal of Food History, 4, 127-143.
  • Dixon, J., Donati, K., Pike, L., & Hattersley, L. (2009). Functional foods and urban agriculture: two responses to climate change related food insecurity. New South Wales Public Health Bulletin, 20(1&2), 14-18.
  • Dixon, J., Omwega, A. M., Friel, S., Burns, C., Donati, K., & Carlisle, R. (2007). The Health Equity Dimensions of Urban Food Systems. Journal of Urban Health, 84(suppl 1), 118-129.
  • Donati, K. (2005). The pleasure of diversity in Slow Food’s ethics of taste. Food, Culture and Society, 8(2), 228–242.

Teaching Responsibilities

  • Bachelor of Food Studies – Fermenting Cultures, Gastronomic Approaches to Food Studies, Culture and Cuisine, Diet and Health in Society
  • Master of Food Systems and Gastronomy - Gastronomic Discourse and Culture

Academic/Professional Awards

  • Hautes Etudes du Goût Scholarship (Le Cordon Bleu)
  • LFR Anna M. White Scholarship (University of Melbourne)
  • PhD scholarship, University of Melbourne Departmental Award

Professional Memberships

  • Canadian Association of Food Studies
  • Agriculture, Food and Human Values Society
  • Founding Chairperson of Sustain: the Australian Food Network
  • Board member, Melbourne Farmers Markets