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Angliss student humbled at receiving the 2022 Sollich Award

It was an exciting moment when Angliss Food Science and Technology student Matthew Little was announced as the winner of the Sollich Award during Contech 2023 at the MCG.

The renowned German confectionary production company – Sollich – annually awards a cash prize of $2000 to a student at William Angliss Institute for excellence in confectionary production and to encourage students to establish a career in the sector.

Matthew was surprised and humbled when he learnt that he was the 2022 Sollich Award winner and said, "Sollich are held high regard in the chocolate industry, so receiving an award sponsored by them is really an honour for me."

"I will always keep learning and adding new things to my repertoire. I am eager to see what opportunities this Award may provide in the future," he added.

As Head of Production at Guilty Chocolates, Matthew enjoys developing new products from a spark of an idea, not to mention getting to eat chocolate all day and being paid for it! He has found studying the Diploma of Food Science and Technology fascinating and believes it has given him the additional skills and knowledge required to fulfil his role, while complementing his relevant experience in the industry.

Food Science and Technology teacher Suresh Vaidyananthan revealed that Matthew is excited by the very sight of chocolate. " As a student, Matthew is very passionate to learn the science of chocolate and always contributes to class discussions. He is never scared to be critical of his own products and always seeks a pathway to excel," commented Suresh.

"Sollich Australia and William Angliss Institute wishes Matthew the very best and we look forward to his contributions to the Confectionery Industry," he added.

ConTech is regarded as the biggest confectionery conference in Australasia and gave Angliss students an opportunity to network with a diverse range of industry professionals and gain invaluable insights.

"A qualification is a great thing to have, but it's only half of the puzzle. The other half is you. You really do get out what you put in so if you show up with enthusiasm, there is a future for you," suggested Matthew.

Find out more about studying Food Science and Technology, email or call on +613 8595 5334 for more information.

Published 27 June 2023

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