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Business for Beginners leads entrepreneurial alumni in the right direction

The benefits of being a student at William Angliss Institute don't end when you graduate, as over 100 recent attendees of the Business for Beginners series realised.
Focussing on the next steps to turn practical skills into a business, the four-part series was created for entrepreneurial Angliss Alumni and students nearing the end of their courses.

Business coach Brooke McCarthy led the series, which included workshops on the following topics:

  • How to start a business
  • How to succeed on social media
  • How to confidently communicate
  • How to launch your first website

While communication and marketing topics are covered in many Angliss Degree programs, the practical tips from the Business for Beginners events were relevant to students from all courses and specialist areas. With the impact of lockdowns changing the nature of work, the advice delivered could be instantly implemented to boost business opportunities, personal profiles and developing businesses.

Those who attended praised the Institute for providing practical advice, with feedback praising Brook's positivity, energy and practical resources.

"It's great to be surrounded with like-minded people, especially during this time," said one attendee, while another commented it was a "great source for alumni".

Organised by the Student Services Alumni team, the online events were provided for free following the end of Semester 1, 2021, supporting graduates in their next endeavours. Business for Beginners was part of the Institute's ongoing commitment to students and alumni and was just one of the many events offered to support career development.

For those who missed out or are looking to take the next step, Brook's business, Hustle & Heart, offers a free Non-Planners Business Plan guide.

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Published 4 October 2021