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Chef Stefano Leads Carpigiani Gelato University Masterclass

From combinations of Prosecco and strawberry to tomato and mozzarella, Chef Stefano Marinucci's creations tantilised taste buds during the Carpigiani Gelato University Masterclass.

Jointly run by Majors Group and Carpigiani Gelato University, multi-award-winning Chef Marinucci, from Italy, prepared a range of starters to desserts using the Labochef - a countertop multifunction machine for pastry, chocolate, gastronomy and gelato. Participants included teachers from William Angliss Institute, previous students of the Carpigiani Gelato University Courses at the Institute and guests of Majors Group.

According to Chef Marinucci, the partnership between Carpigiani and William Angliss is very important. "We are in Italy and the Institute is in Australia, so this partnership allows us to share different views and techniques of gelato making, gelato flavours and gelato gastronomy," he said.

During the masterclass, students experienced savoury gelato and pastry, for example, bruschetta topped with a mono-portion (or a mini-dessert) of olive oil gelato, finger lime and a drizzle of olive oil. This may not be to everyone's taste, yet savoury gelato is gaining popularity.

Asked whether this is a new trend, Chef Marinucci explained that chefs are always looking for unique consistencies and different flavours and that, although savoury gelato started 20-30 years ago, the market was not ready for it.

"I am well-known for my gastronomy savoury gelato and started experimenting with it in my restaurant in Rome. We had a Carpigiani machine already back then, and together with my mum, we made gelato for wedding functions. About twenty years ago, we did lemon sorbet with oil and salt or sometimes added orange oil and pepper - to prepare the palette for a meal.

"I have served tomato, cheese truffle, vegetable and Parmigiano ham gelato and people have started to accept this style," added Marinucci.

Angliss Professional Cookery Teacher Lisa Morrison joined the CGU Masterclass and explained that savoury gelato has steadily found its place in the Australian culinary scene. "For example, Movida restaurant, was creating smoked tomato sorbet back in 2007 when I was training some of their chefs.

"As both sweet and savoury gelato gain popularity, the demand for skilled gelato artisans continues to increase, driven by the ever-expanding presence of gelaterias and the evolving dessert options."

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Published 14 November 2023