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Dilmah visits Angliss for Morning Tea

Dilhan spoke to Angliss patisserie students about tea in terms of food pairing, a bit of history and future trends. Dilhan’s intention was to inspire students and teachers to spread the ‘enthusiasm for tea with the next generation. 

Bhaskar Adeeb, the Institute’s Patisserie & Bakery Program Leader for Food Trades and Culinary Arts said, “Dilmah high tea has been running for a few years now where the students get a chance to use tea in the preparation of various desserts and learn about tea and food pairing combinations. This provides a unique opportunity to explore tea both as a beverage as well as an important ingredient in Patisserie. Students also get an opportunity to interact with the Dilmah team and understand the history behind tea.”

Delicious treats created by patisserie students were served up in the Dilmah School of Tea training facility including white couverture with camomile tea and lemon zest; lemonade scones; ruby chocolate with blackberry marshmallow; eclairs with strawberries and cream; and lemon curd tartlettes. All of these culinary delights incorporated the use of Dilmah tea in some form or another.

This was a great opportunity for students to learn about tea to apply in whatever dish or area of hospitality they choose to pursue.

Angliss’ Director Education Chris Harris also spoke at the event and said, “Industry Partnerships with high-quality brands like Dilmah are part of our strategic approach to educational excellence and ensure our students have access to the finest ingredients, best practices and networking opportunities for a sustained career.”

Dilmah was founded in 1981 by CEO Merrill J, Fernando, Dilhan’s father, in Columbo, Sri Lanka. William Angliss Institute has a strong connection with Sri Lanka, with a campus in Colombo and a robust contingent of Sri Lankan students in Australia.

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