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An exciting lineup at our Sydney Virtual Open Day

There's no better way to cure any curiosity you may have about pursuing a career in the experience industry than by tuning in to our virtual Open Day. Meet our talented teachers and staff who come from all corners of the world just like our student cohort. Their international experience and background provide our students with a rich view of the experience industry. So you wouldn't want to miss what they've prepared for Open Day!

We have information sessions and masterclasses ready to go. So whether you're keen to develop a new skill like how to bake a brunch-worthy sourdough or how to plate like a professional chef, we've got it all.

Information Sessions

Head over to our Exhibition Hall, where you'll find everything you need to know about the courses that are on offer for 2021. Our Program Leaders and Course Coordinators will talk you through the deets of our Certificate, Diploma and Bachelor programs. You can ask them about our industry connections, student opportunities, exclusive student masterclasses or anything else that's important to you when it comes to your education and future.


If you've been to an Angliss Open Day, you know that our masterclasses are a must-see! They give you a glimpse of what life is like here on campus or online. Here's what we have in store for you:

A deep dive on Indigenous produce
With the help of Angliss teacher and chef Josh Michel, we're taking you through some key Indigenous produce. For those who have not tried, but are keen to incorporate these elements into your daily cooking - you really don't want to miss this opportunity! Join Chef Josh and impress your family and friends in no time!

Think KitKat, but unlike you've seen before!
We're excited to welcome back one of our alumni, Francesco Ferrate, who is now managing the Nestle KitKat Chocolatory! In this masterclass, you'll see how Francesco will masterfully incorporate Indian elements into his Chai flavoured chocolate.

Exploring chocolate truffle
Let's elevate the chocolate situation at home moving on from your ordinary chocolate bars and replace them with orange-infused chocolate truffles with an array of coating (of your choice, of course!). Together with Patisserie teacher, Christopher Walton, you'll learn how to make these unique truffles step by step. Another plus is they'll last weeks in the fridge, not that it will last that long we're sure.

Plate like a chef!
Complete your dining-in experience by learning how to plate like a chef. In this cookery masterclass, we'll go through a couple of styles from playing around with simple arrangement, stacking and texture. You can master all of these different styles by learning from Chefs Glenn Wildman, Julie Meredith and Timothy Gatt.

This year's Open Day is jam-packed with exciting events and ample opportunity to ask questions. Whether you know exactly what you want to pursue or if you're registered to explore every single option, we can't wait to have you tuned in.