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Celebrating Angliss Graduates

200 students were launched into careers across the experience industry this week at graduation ceremonies at the La Trobe Street Campus.

William Angliss Institute held graduation ceremonies at the La Trobe Street campus this week, celebrating the accomplishments of over 200 graduating students across its speciality areas of foods, tourism, hospitality, events and hotel management.

The Institute was particularly proud to welcome back alumni as keynote speakers and Michael Cole and Conan Gomes provided the graduands with both inspiration and practical advice.

Award-winning chef Michael Cole,with more than 18 years' experience working internationally, encouraged alumni to make sure they are continually learning and pushing themselves to become better. Michael shared some of his experience representing Australia competing at the 2019 Bocuse d'Or in Lyon, France.

"What I have learnt over the years is the more we think we know, the more we realise how much we still have to learn. I feel we are all very lucky to have chosen a career in something that is so creative, challenging and always evolving with so many different avenues to follow.

When I graduated all those years ago I never imagined that I would be lucky enough to be representing Australia on a global scale in the Bocuse d'Or."

2013 Bachelor of Culinary Management graduate Conan Gomes talked about starting his food truck operation catering for the biggest events and festivals in Melbourne and inspired the graduands to think and dream big.

"Celebrating our students' success, seeing the hard work rewarded with a qualification that will start them on their career is always exciting and a good reminder why we strive to do our best for these young people. We thank our industry partnerships and sponsors as we couldn't do this without them," said William Angliss Institute CEO Nicholas Hunt.

The support and insights of our industry partners is incredibly important to provide graduates with training that is relevant to their needs.

Major industry partners such as Nestle Professional, Fonterra, Peerless Foods and Robot Coupe support the students throughout the year and many others enable the Institute to provide additional opportunities to recognise the development of skills and knowledge through sponsored awards.

Special achievement awards

  • Dux of Bachelor of Event Management - Awarded to Lissette Ordonez Camero
  • Dux of Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management - Awarded to Fiona Lo Hui Lo Hog Tian

Dean's List


  • Ngoc Han Nguyen - Bachelor of Culinary Management
  • Alexandra Byrnes - Bachelor of Event Management
  • Lisa Finkler - Bachelor of Event Management
  • Evelyna Heenan - Bachelor of Event Management
  • Thomas Hatton - Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Mangement
  • Natsumi Horiike - Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management
  • Lucrezia Poloni - Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management


Best Practical and Theory Award for Certificate III in Commercial Cookery - Fong Wei Liao

Most Outstanding Student for Certificate IV Commercial Cookery - De Tong Xuan

Club Chef Award for Academic Achievement in Patisserie - Phuong Tran

EOI Dux in Pastry Cooking for Certificate III in Retail Baking - Arizona Le Quesne

Rising Star Practical Student for Certificate III in Commercial Cookery - Dee Tzu Yi Wang

The William Angliss Institute Annual Award for Outstanding Final Year Commercial Cookery students - Hannah Dunn

Cacao Barry Excellence in Chocolate Skills - Jason Hohendorf

John Patrick Conway Award - Sarah Pyman

Best Academic Student in Diploma Food Science and Technology - Anastasiya Bets

Encouragement Award for Diploma Food Science and Technology - Ayelet HarPaz

Most Outstanding Events Student - Dakota Brae-Smith

Most Outstanding Diploma of Hospitality Student - Melissa Tongue

Most Outstanding Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Student - Valeria Acosta Ruiz

Most Outstanding Travel and Tourism Student - Brooke Sutton

Most outstanding Aviation student - Tahui Pare (Polly) Cantwell

Since its establishment in 1940, the William Angliss Institute has become a leading specialist provider for the food, hospitality, tourism and event industry, graduating every year young professionals with the knowledge and skills that are highly required by the regional and global job market.

Nicholas Hunt, in his closing remarks reminded graduands that they now have a recognised qualification from Australia's largest and only specialist provider of foods, tourism, hospitality, events and hotel management.

"To be successful in this highly competitive customer focused environment the industry needs skilful leaders, capable in their profession and committed to service excellence. You are that group. You have the skills expected, you have the knowledge, you have the attitude. The opportunity is now up to you."