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Dilmah School of Tea Academy event

Accompanied by Matthew Steel, Manager Educational Operations and Angliss trainers Justine Beasley and Sam Richardson, the group visited the Dilmah School of Tea Academy.

Run by Dilhan C. Fernando, Director of the Academy, the public event was open to corporate clients.

The students enjoyed an, 'Introduction to tea inspiration' and then engaged in a Tea Certificate course, which ran for three hours. They learnt about the manufacture and processing of tea, matching tea with foods, ethics in the industry and the standard techniques for brewing a perfect cup of tea.

Attending this event was a valuable opportunity for our students as they learn about food and beverage, gaining essential industry skills to provide advice and service in this vital area.

Ms. Beasley said, "Our students attended the Dilmah School of Tea and began their journey into the complex and exciting world of tea. The students started with the history of tea followed by tasting, pairing food with tea, and appreciating how food and flavours can enhance and enrich the flavours and characteristics of Dilmah tea."