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Passion Drives Career Success

Talking to Hayley Fraser, it's clear she was destined to be a part of the travel and tourism industry and is relishing her current work as a visitor service consultant at Werribee Zoo.

Hayley completed the Diploma of Travel and Tourism Management at Angliss' Melbourne campus.

"With over 10 years of travel experience, both domestic and overseas, and I realised that travel fed my desire to continuously learn and grow, gain new experiences and always aim to be a better person.

"I had a successful career in medical administration prior to this and my aim for enrolling was to learn more about myself, to challenge myself and eventually to find a dream job," Hayley said.

Hayley said the course introduced her to the vastness of the tourism industry.

"The teachers got me involved with organisations like the Young Tourism Network who have been incredibly supportive. The teachers all work in the tourism industry and share personal experiences and can relate the unit topics to their own tourism roles.

"Also, the social and career networking events at Angliss are enormously helpful in introducing students to professionals; they offer advice on job interview techniques, recruitment processes, and the day-to-day tasks they manage," Hayley said.

Previous to her role at the Werribee Zoo Hayley had a placement at the Australian Association of Accommodation and had the opportunity to travel to Bendigo to assist with an event and the Future Melbourne Forum.

Selected to be one of five students in Melbourne to be part of the Young Tourism Network Trusted Advisor Program, Hayley received mentoring from five incredible advisors spending half a day with each of them at their workplaces.

Hayley is looking forward to new opportunities in the industry and recommends volunteering to anyone who wants to get experience.

"It is such a great thing to have on your resume and you can gain connections and new skills from each experience. Throughout the year I volunteered at Werribee Visitor Info Centre and it helped me so much when I was completing my assignments, as I was able to apply the knowledge I was learning during my volunteering to my studies.