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Seven things, for seven days


Yes, we’re here and another Melbourne lockdown is in session. And just in case you don't know what to do with these days of not leaving home - we have seven suggestions for the next seven days.

Day 1 - Start a new show
If you want something unexpected, Stan's newest sitcom release, We Are Lady Parts, offers a refreshing insight into the lives of five Muslim women who all share a love for rowdy punk anthems. Clever storytelling, hilarious and unpredictable - binge it!

Day 2 - Revisit your hobbies or discover new ones
Last year sourdough bread was all the rage, and even we jumped on the bandwagon with our Hand Mixed Sourdough Bread Masterclass. Our tutorial, led by one of our baking experts, Paul Hughes, is available online if you missed it. 

If you're keen to start a new hobby and let's say you have a collection of jars waiting to be used, why not try pickling? It seems like a mammoth task, but with the founder of Fermentary guiding us through the process, you're in great hands.

Day 3 - Get your paperwork done - i.e., finish that Angliss application
Look, it's a little cheeky, but we can't help but ask you to do something for both yourself and us. Paperwork can be a challenge, but while you're not travelling more than 5km from your home, why not get started on or finish off your app to start studying at Angliss in July? With Free TAFE and JobTrainer courses available, you could be studying for less. And we might be at home, but we're still here taking any calls or answering emails about any questions you might have.

Day 4 - Support the hospitality industry
We all know by now that Melbourne and Victoria's amazing hospitality scene gets hit particularly hard by lockdowns, so if you can afford it, we're giving you full permission to get take-out for the next three days! Whether you want to splurge with Providoor or want to try something from a small business or, let's say Angliss alumni-owned businesses - they'll surely appreciate your support. Doing good while getting a great meal? Tick, tick, tick!

Day 5 - Check on your loved ones
Send a couple of quick texts and schedule some phone calls - especially with friends and family who are living alone. They need a check-in now more than ever. If you want to talk about something other than COVID, Flex Factory provides thought-provoking card games that guarantee hours of interesting conversation.

Day 6 - Meal plan
Play chef this week by deciding what goes on your plate in the next seven days. Whether you want to try out complicated recipes such as Sunda's fish curry with cucumber salad and coriander chutney (worth it though!) or TokTok's Pasta Queen latest pasta recipe - this is the time to delve into a creative culinary endeavour. 

Day 7 - Do what you want to do!
What brings you joy? Maybe slow mornings or spending time with your dog? Make time and be present for moments that bring you joy. Put down your phone, check out for a couple of hours - emails and text messages can wait.


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