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How to stress-less during SWOTVAC / Assignment Week

Yes, SWOTVAC and assignment week is here! We know many of you we'll have lots of studying or assignment writing to do. It can get overwhelming and you don't want to get swept up by the stress. We've compiled simple and practical tips on how you can make the most out of your study time.

Embrace the stress

The right amount of stress can be helpful. It motivates you to study and highlight areas that you may need to work on more. But watch out, being too stressed can distract you from your goals. Take notice when you start feeling overwhelmed, take a quick break and come back feeling you're ready to tackle the next challenge.

We've got your back!

Not exactly sure how you should tackle this week? Our learning advisors offer free study and learning advice to all students including assistance with writing assessments, understanding course work, referencing and more.

The 20-minute rule

It's challenging to study for hours and be effective. Break it into 20-minute sessions, so your mind has time to absorb information and recover. These breaks can be a quick walk, enjoying a light snack, or a short meditation. You take your pick.

Keep in mind, checking your mobile phone during these 20-minute sessions is a sure-fire study fail. Research shows that it takes as long as another 20-minutes to refocus every time you break! So set that phone on flight mode if you need to and commit to your study sessions!

Say it out loud

One of the best ways to retain memory and learn is to talk about what you're learning in your own words - no notes! If you're studying at home or with a friend, ask them whether they have a quick minute to help you study. Share with them what you just learned, in your own words, and if they're able to understand you - then you've got it!


A night of good night sleep is simply a must when you have a big week ahead! It's been scientifically proven that enough sleep can help you retain more of what you studied the day before than if you do an all-nighter.