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William Angliss Institute Named Large Training Provider of the Year

Victorian Training Award acknowledges a bright future for Experience Industries

William Angliss Institute has been named the Large Training Provider of the Year at the Victorian Training Awards, signalling a reason to celebrate for the foods, tourism, hospitality and events industries. As a winner, the Institute is automatically nominated for the Australian Training Awards.

"We're excited to be able to share this award with our staff, but also our students and partners," said William Angliss Institute CEO, Nicholas Hunt. "To receive an award for excellence in education given the year behind us really is a testament to the dedication of our staff, the Board and leadership teams, who didn't just react, but adapted and improved our offering in foods, tourism, hospitality and events training."

Despite a year that was anything but 'business as usual', the team at William Angliss Institute continued delivery throughout restrictions that necessitated remote learning, maintaining student opportunities and improving processes. The benefits will be felt by the industries served by the dedicated training that delivers future leaders for the experience industries.

The Institute worked closely with its partners from leading organisations to ensure graduates will be job-ready as these industries regain full capacity. Certificate III in Aviation (Cabin Crew AVI30219) were able to visit Ansett training facilities to practice safety procedures; cookery students benefited from alumni masterclasses, and tourism students attended virtual site visits with curated content to match curriculum with real-world problem-solving.

For events students, the implementation of COVID-Safe practices on-campus helped inform their risk assessments, while they became leaders in online event management, planning for changes and virtual networking.

"We have a symbiotic relationship with industry that allows for collaboration and results in continuous improvement of both the curriculum and industry standards. We work together to give students unique opportunities and prepare them with the skills the industry will need in the future," continued Mr Hunt.

"Remote learning allowed experts to share real-time developments in industry practices and impart their knowledge with students online, while previously they may not have been able to attend due to the demands of location-based work."

The Victorian Training Awards recognise and celebrate the outstanding achievements of individuals, employers and training providers in Victoria's TAFE and training sector. The Large Training Provider category recognises a training provider that offers a broad range of training products and services and demonstrates excellence and high-level performance in all aspects of the TAFE and training sector.

The Institute adapted to changes in learning with clever timetabling, and added new training products to suit student needs. It increased student support services including telehealth counselling (addressing learning needs and mental health of students), as well as coordinating virtual careers events including exclusive Disney and Altara airline recruitment days.

William Angliss Institute's continued delivery and training excellence, focussing on student opportunities and future industry needs, were key elements resulting in the Large Training Provider of the Year Award. Direct applications are now being accepted for individuals excited about a career in the experience industries, while enquiries about new tailored training packages are available for businesses.

Further information about courses and how to enrol can be found via the course pages on this website.

Published 18 October 2021