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Women in hospitality, #BreakingTheBias for IWD 2022

This year, for International Women's Day, we're #BreakingTheBias with a round table discussion led by Angliss Associate Director Student Recruitment & Services, Sarah Lawrie, with industry partners Daisy Slade (Industry Lead at Melbourne Food and Wine Festival), Melissa Falson (Group Training and Development Chef at Sand Hill Road) and Angliss alums Katie Doyle (Human Capital and Development at Parkroyal Monash) and Vanessa Lauricella (Visitor Engagement at Museums Victoria).

Touching on this year's theme, #BreakingTheBias, the panel talked about the challenges they faced as women in a male-dominated industry, from being the default person asked to grab coffee or tea at the office or having their authority questioned based on gender. 

For Melissa, her time spent in a commercial kitchen taught her to stand up for herself and break away from the status quo.

"Something that I have overcome personally is I started a family, something you don't really see when you work in a commercial kitchen. Women in my field tend to resign due to the hours. I'm fortunate that Sand Hill Road is an amazing company and they've given me so much opportunity and flexibility," said Melissa.   

It's clear that all four women are passionate about their roles and committed to improving the hospitality industry wherever possible. In the panel discussion, Sarah asked what changes our panelists hope to see in the industry for the next generation of experience experts.

"Change is happening now. There's a new generation coming through who sees the world differently. We've had a traditional style of leadership that's been a part of the industry for a long time, and I can see from my perspective that it's changing," said Katie.

"I can see it's heading in the right direction, and this needs to continue. We need more females in leadership positions, give them the opportunity and encourage them to apply for these roles. Also, for young women who are thinking about stepping into a male-dominated industry, don't let that have an impact on you!" said Vanessa.

For students interested in connecting with like-minded people in the industry, head over to Careers and Employment to learn more about our mentoring program, speed networking events and other career opportunities.

Watch the full event here.

Published 7 March 2022