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Promote employment opportunities to current students and fellow alumni. Register with our Careers & Employment Service and list job vacancies for students to apply directly to work with you. Providing career opportunities and insight to students is a fantastic way to give students exposure to life after Angliss.

Get in touch with our Careers team if you have any questions and want to discuss other ways to get involved in recruitment activities.



Our students find incredible value in gaining insight from someone that has been in their shoes and hearing experiences that go beyond their studies. Share your experiences with Angliss. Traveled abroad, working in a unique space, or learned specialty culinary dishes? Speak with students as a Guest Lecturer.

Connect with your Alumni team so we can match you with the best class or opportunity to share your stories.



Have industry news and insight that you feel are important for other alumni to be aware of? Join fellow alumni in a panel event discussion about your industry. Get in touch with your Alumni team about upcoming events or develop new event opportunities both on and off-campus. We want to hear from you!



Connect with other alumni and current students by attending events in topics that might be of interest to you. Some event opportunities are designed to develop professional skills and provide you with a space to network. If you own or work for a venue, and would like to host future alumni events let us know. We enjoy collaborating with Alumni when we can!



Sharing your personal and professional experiences with students can provide invaluable growth opportunities for students. Mentor a current student in one of our current programs:

  • The Higher Education Mentoring Program is an 8-month commitment to provide insight and guidance to current students completing a degree program in navigating the professional world. If you are interested in participating, get in touch with our Careers & Employment Service
  • Student Connect is a casual e-Mentoring Program designed to connect you to students at your own pace and with your own topics to consider. Specifically designed as a virtual program, you will be paired with students who are studying in your industry.  If you are interested in connecting, please register your interest



William Angliss Institute provides scholarships and sponsorship opportunities for students to study successfully without any additional hardships. If you are in the position to donate to the William Angliss Institute Foundation, please contact us

Learn more about contributing to a scholarship.

Explore other sponsorship opportunities.