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Course Description

This apprenticeship will develop core skills across a range of fundamental Bread competencies, taught on campus or the workplace

With this highly regarded certificate course from Angliss, you can gain a qualification that's widely recognised across the industry. Learn the fundamental skills of commercial and artisan bread production with valuable on-site training as an apprentice.

Develop techniques and bread knowledge that will set you up for a successful baking future. You'll learn to craft true artisan bread styles using sourdough, wood fire and tandoori methods.

This flexible program allows you to switch to an apprenticeship model if you begin employment in the industry during your full-time course.


The Angliss Experience

  • Learn the essential skills of retail baking specialising in bread
  • Learn from bakery managers about working in an artisan bakery, a hotel or a French boulangerie
  • Gain a valuable qualification while you work in the industry
  • Be responsible for driving your learning as you get prepared for a real work environment
  • Learn industry specific skills balanced with literacy, numeracy and valuable 'life' skills


Course Code


Study Area

Foods, Baking

Course Level

Certificate III

Course Structure

Please note that the order of the delivery of units may vary between campuses. Elective units will also differ and not all units listed below will be delivered at all campuses.

FBPRBK3005Produce basic bread products
FBPRBK3006Produce savoury bread products
FBPRBK3007Produce specialty flour bread products
FBPRBK3012Schedule and produce bread production
FBPRBK3014Produce sweet yeast products
FBPRBK3018Produce basic artisan products
FDFFS2001AImplement the food safety program and procedures
FDFOHS2001AParticipate in OHS processes
FDFOP2061AUse numerical applications in the workplace
FBPOPR3003 (C)Identify cultural, religious and dietary considerations for food production
FBPRBK2002 (A)Use food preparation equipment to prepare filings
FBPRBK3016 (CControl and order bakery stock
FBPRBK4001 (A)Produce artisan bread products
SITXHRM001 (A)Coach others in job skills

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