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Course Description

A comprehensive and in-depth program to advance your skills as a baker. This certificate course will provide you with both generalist and artisan baking skills while preparing you to succeed in a retail baking environment. Learn innovative advanced artisan bakery skills alongside management skills to develop yourself as a future leader in the baking industry.

Angliss is renowned for its high quality baking courses and training, offering you a qualification that is recognised worldwide and in high demand across the baking industry.

While you build on your baking expertise, you'll develop valuable insights into bakery management, quality control and occupational health and safety management.

The experience

  • Advance your skills, learning from bakery training experts about working in an artisan bakery, a hotel, or a French boulangerie
  • Continue your education to enhance and develop further knowledge reflective of the baking industry
  • Gain a greater depth of knowledge in the Bakery industry
  • Learn the science of bakery

Study Baking at Angliss

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Course Code


Study Area

Foods, Baking

Course Level

Certificate IV

Course Intake

February, May, July and October


12 months



Course Mode

Full-time & Part-time (from 2021)

Course Hours

Part-time or Full-time: 8-24 hours per week

Course Structure

Please note that the order of the delivery of units may vary between campuses. Elective units will also differ and not all units listed below will be delivered at all campuses.


BSBSUS401Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices
FBPRBK3016Control and order bakery stock
FBPRBK4004Develop baked products
FBPRBK4006Coordinate baking operations
FDFFS4001ASupervise and maintain a food safety plan
FDFOHS4002AMaintain OHS processes
SITXHRM001Coach others in job skills
FBPRBK4007 (A)Assess and evaluate bread products
SITXFIN003Manage Finances within a budget
BSBSMB407Manage a small team
FBPRBK4001 (A)Produce artisan bread products
FBPRBK4002 (A)Develop advanced artisan bread methods
FBPRBK3005 (A)Produce basic bread products
FBPRBK4005 (B)Apply advanced finishing techniques for specialty cakes

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