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Course Description

Combining chemistry, food safety, confectionery, sensory analysis and microbiology, food science opens up a variety of rewarding careers in the food industry. Learn how to make food healthier, tastier and safer for consumers with the help of our expert teachers, guest lecturers and field trips.

Our teachers have extensive current food manufacturing industry experience and provide expert insights into all aspects of the food industry, its challenges and opportunities.

Take advantage of a varied and detailed learning experience. Your food science studies will include field trips and experiential learning, special guest lectures, networking opportunities and a major product development project where you can showcase your concept to an expert judging panel.


The experience

  • Learn from food industry specialists across a range of disciplines 
  • Learn the science and multi-layered factors that create great food and food businesses
  • Take part in our Food Product Innovation Award, where students are challenged to develop an innovative product to be judged by industry professionals.


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Course Level


Course Structure

Classes for the Diploma of Food Science and Technology are usually delivered between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday; this includes classes for students undertaking the course part-time.

Part-time students take longer than one year to complete this course.

1 Year Full-time - Stage 1

FBPFST4004 Perform microbiological procedures in the food industry
FBPFSY4001Supervise and maintain a food safety plan
FBPFST5002Identify and implement required process control for a food processing operation
FBPTEC4007Describe and analyse data using mathematical principles
FBPFST4014Apply sensory analysis in food and/or beverage processing
FBPFST5030Implement and review manufacturing of cereal products
FBPFST5021Implement and review processing of fruit, vegetables, nuts, herbs and spices
MSL974020Perform food tests
BSBWHS411Implement and monitor WHS policies, procedures and programs
MSMENV472Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices
FBPFST5017Implement and review the processing of confectionery products

Stage 2

FBPFST6001Develop, manage and maintain quality systems for food processing
FBPFSY5001Develop a HACCP-based food safety plan
FBPFST5005 Examine the biochemical properties of food
FBPFST5006 Apply food microbiological techniques and analysis
FBPFST5008 Develop a new food product
MSL975038 Conduct sensory analysis
FBPFST5024Implement and review the production of fermented dairy products and dairy desserts
FBPFST5028 Implement and review the manufacturing and processing of edible fats and oils
FBPFST5004 Specify and monitor the nutritional value of processed foods

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