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Course Description

Learn the skills of meat processing and working in a retail environment as a butcher. In an Angliss meat processing course you'll develop specialty skills by working in industry and on campus processing classrooms. You'll refine your technical skills in line with the Australian Meat Industry Council Food Safety Program.

Your training in meat processing will extend to hygiene and safety, ordering, preparing meat cuts, mincing, sausage making and quality assurance.

This apprenticeship program includes predominantly on-the-job training with specialised subjects for on campus training designed to provide you with highly developed skills to work in the meat retail industry.


The Angliss Experience

  • Become a trusted expert on cuts of meat, preparation and food safety
  • Learn traditional methods from aging, curing and smoking to boning and marinating
  • Develop skills you can adapt to a modern retail environment
  • Gain industry experience in a range of meat processing and commercial environments


Course Code


Study Area


Course Level

Certificate III

Course Structure

Please note that the order of the delivery of units and elective units available may vary between campuses, course modes and intakes.

Stage 1

AMPCOR201Maintain personal equipment
AMPCOR202Apply hygiene and sanitation practices
AMPCOR204Follow safe work policies and procedures
AMPCOR205Communicate in the workplace
AMPCOR206Overview of the meat industry
AMPR101Identify species and meat cuts
AMPR102 Trim meat for further processing
AMPR103Store meat product
AMPR104Prepare minced meat and minced meat products
AMPR105Provide service to customers
AMPR203Select, weigh and package meat for sale
AMPR212Clean a meat retail work area
AMPX209Sharpen knives
FBPOPR2069Use numerical applications in the workplace

Choose 1 of the following electives from Group A

AMPR106Process sales transactions
AMPR108Monitor meat temperature from receival to sale

Stage 2

AMPCOR203Comply with Quality Assurance and HACCP requirements
AMPR201 Break and cut product using bandsaw
AMPR202Provide advice on cooking and storage of meat products
AMPR204Package product using manual packing and labelling equipment
AMPR205Use basic methods of meat cookery
AMPR208Make and sell sausages
AMPR209Produce and sell value-added products
AMPX201Prepare and operate bandsaw
AMPX210Prepare and slice meat cuts
AMPX211Trim meat to specifications
AMPR206Vacuum pack product in a retail operation

Stage 3

AMPR301Prepare specialised cuts
AMPR302Assess carcase or product quality
AMPR303Calculate yield of carcase or product
AMPR304Manage stock
AMPR305Meet customer needs
AMPR306 Provide advise on nutritional role of meat
AMPR307Merchandise products, services
AMPR316Cure, corn and sell product
AMPR317 Assess and sell poultry products
AMPR319Locate, identify and assess meat cuts
AMPR320Assess and address customer preferences
AMPR322Prepare and produce value added products
AMPX304Prepare primal cuts

Choose 1 elective from Group C and 4 electives from Group C or D

AMPR323Break small stock carcases for retail sale
AMPR324Break large stock carcases for retail sale
AMPR308Prepare, roll, sew and net meat
AMPR309Bone and fillet poultry
AMPR311Prepare portion control to specifications
AMPR313Order stock in a meat enterprise

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