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Course Description

This advanced diploma follows on from the SIT50422 Diploma in Hospitality Management and offers an exceptional learning experience for students dedicated to a successful career in hospitality management. Setting you up for management roles across a range of venues and companies, you'll uncover the unique skills required for delivering exceptional hospitality.

The course will expand your understanding of hospitality and allow you to explore theoretical concepts to support your hospitality expertise. You'll develop key skills in business planning, asset management, finance, human resources and marketing to open a wide variety of employment opportunities.

The Angliss Experience

  • Learn from seasoned hospitality professionals and a diverse range of guest lecturers.
  • Take advantage of work experience opportunities in the Angliss Restaurant in Melbourne
  • Have the opportunity to participate in iconic events including the World's Longest Lunch as part of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival.
  • Join your fellow students on site visits to key hospitality venues
  • Use food and beverage (F&B) simulation software to bring the classroom to life.


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Advanced Diploma

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