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Course Description

Tailored for students with a keen interest in the key emerging areas of environmentally sustainable and culturally responsible tourism, this three-year degree is about connections with place, wilderness and the land.

It contains the core foundational tourism theories and principles and extends and applies this learning to tourism in the natural world. The ecotourism specialisation gives you a thorough knowledge and understanding of some of Australia's most significant natural landscapes along with the skills necessary to design, plan and deliver inspiring and memorable experiences for visitors.

Well-developed interpretation skills are enhanced by experientially-based learning opportunities. You can apply your knowledge and skills with field trips to many of Victoria's most significant nature-based tourism destinations as well as longer study tours to destinations that represent Australia's iconic landscapes, such as Kangaroo Island off the coast of South Australia and Central Australia's desert.

The Angliss Experience

  • Engage in the tourism industry with field trips to many of Victoria’s greatest tourism destinations from the Great Ocean Road coastline to the Yarra Valley vineyards
  • Learn directly from ecotourism advocates, managers, and specialists in the field
  • Enhance your tourism education through valuable elective studies in fields as diverse as risk management and human resources


Course Code


Study Area


Course Level


Course Structure

Year 1

TOU501Introduction to the Tourism Industry
TOU502Destinations Concepts
MAN501 Management Fundamentals
TOU551Tourism Theories and Concepts
TOU503 Tourism Distribution Systems
TOU504Visitor Services
MAN502Financial Concepts
Electives1 in semester 1

Year 2

TOU601Tourism Attraction Management
TOE609Designing Thematic Interpretation
MAN604Economics and Global Impacts
HOS651People and Place
TOE619Understanding Natural Landscapes
MAN702Risk and Legal Issues
MAN601Introduction to Marketing
Electives 1 in Semester 2

Year 3

TOU701Designing for the Visitor Experience
TOE709Delivering Thematic Interpretation
MAN707Strategy, Change and Leadership
TOU751Taking Responsibility for Tourism & Hospitality
TOE719Interpret Natural Landscapes
MAN706Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Electives1 per semester (2 in total)


All students must undertake RES501 Foundation Academic Communication Skills in their first semester (unless otherwise agreed).
Electives can be chosen from the suite of Higher Education Subjects. Please note that not all subjects are available in all courses and study periods. 

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Course admission requirements

Admissions Transparency

William Angliss Institute is committed to admissions transparency.

All applicants for the Bachelor of Tourism (Ecotourism) must demonstrate that they meet the following admission requirements:

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