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As a new student you will have enrolled at William Angliss Institute and participated in the orientation. You should also have completed or be aware of the following:

  • Enrolled and paid your fees
  • Been issued with a student ID card
  • Have previous studies confirmed and credit transfer documentation submitted to your relevant program area
  • Received a timetable and know where your classrooms are within the first 4 weeks
  • Have met key academic staff
  • Know where your Student Management Centre (SMC) is located
  • Received information about support services and know how to make appointments
  • Know about the facilities around campus
  • Received information about academic performance requirements, Institute teaching methods, teaching styles, assessment methodologies, presentation expectations for assignments and projects, plagiarism and other relevant policies
  • Been provided an overview of the Student Guidelines, with emphasis on student policies and procedures
  • Had advice on grievance and dispute resolution arrangements
  • International students understand student visa compliance, housing, health matters, safety and further study opportunities.

Follow up if you are missing one of these items – they are all important as you commence your studies with William Angliss Institute.

Queries regarding your enrolment, payment, or student ID card should be directed to the Information Centre in Building A, Ground Floor. If you have credit transfers left to process refer to your relevant teaching program area. Any enquiries about timetables, electives or your course can be answered by the relevant teaching program areas.