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Offers and Enrolments

Offers to VTAC Applicants

Successful applicants who have applied through VTAC will receive a letter of offer via VTAC in January. The offer letter will include information on when and where to enrol, how to enrol by proxy, and how to defer.

Note: Students who do not come to enrolment, or who have not organised a proxy to enrol for them on the given date, will forfeit their place.

Offers to Direct Applicants

Applicants who apply directly to William Angliss Institute will be advised in writing of the outcome of their application. A letter of offer will contain information on how and when to accept offers, and where and when to enrol.

Conditional Offers

You may be issued with a conditional offer. Failure to meet the conditions of an offer will result in the withdrawal of the offer and cancellation of enrolment.

Letters of Offer

Your letter of offer is your invitation to study at William Angliss Institute and contains information required to enrol successfully. This includes the date of your enrolment session when students who've been offered a place at the Institute will finalise their enrolment.

When attending the Institute for your enrolment session, be sure to bring your letter with you. The information you will need from the letter includes:

  1. The course that you have been offered a place in
  2. The date of the enrolment session for the course you have been offered a place in
  3. The time you are required to be at the Institute for your enrolment session
  4. Fee information


Accepting your offer

There are several ways of accepting your offer. You can:

  1. Accept by attending your specified enrolment session and making all payments required
  2. Enrol by proxy (Enrol by Proxy if you are not able to attend your specified enrolment session). Download Enrol by Proxy form LINK LINK LINK.
  3. Apply to defer for either 6 months or 12 months



At enrolment, you will complete all enrolment documentation. You will also receive information on orientation and class start dates, and be required to pay fees.

Enrolling by Proxy

To enrol by Proxy, an Enrol by Proxy form must be completed and your nominated proxy will need to enrol on your behalf at your enrolment session.

The proxy form must be completed and signed by the enrolling applicant, the nominated proxy and the Program Manager of the course enrolment is for. The Program Manager's signature can be gained at your enrolment session.

Please note:

  • The completed proxy form should be presented by the proxy at your enrolment session
  • The Proxy must pay the student's fees at the enrolment session
  • If an applicant offered a place in a program is unable to attend the enrolment session and the Institute is not notified, the place may be re-offered to another student. 


Fees and Charges

To find out information about fees and charges please click here.


Enrolment Day - for VET students

Where do I go on Enrolment Day?

Your Letter of Offer will contain specific details about the date, time and location of Enrolment Day for your program.

On Enrolment Day, any additional questions can be answered by staff in the Information Centre (Ground Floor, Building A).

What will happen on Enrolment Day?

  • New students will be introduced to the Program Manager and Senior Educator from the area of study enrolling in
  • Personal information and course details will be confirmed by each student
  • Students will be required to pay program fees in full unless eligible for VET Student Loans
  • All applicants are required to pay amenities and class materials fees
  • Each student will be issued with a student identification card upon receipt of fees

What information will I be given

  • Information about facilities available to students at the Institute
  • Orientation information
  • A Confirmation of Enrolment detailing all units/modules for the upcoming study period

How long does Enrolment Day go for?

The enrolment process will take approximately 90 minutes but it is suggested that more time is allowed as Enrolment Day is a busy affair. 

Additional time will allow you to speak to Senior Lecturers and other Institute staff, meet fellow students and take a look around the Institute.

The four essential activities to complete on Enrolment Day are:

  1. Registration (formal enrolment)
  2. Student briefing
  3. Payment of fees
  4. Issue of student ID card

After Enrolment

Students must keep:

  • Confirmation of enrolment
  • Student ID card
  • Receipt for payment of fees


There are two orientation functions for students that all students are required to attend:

  1. Departmental orientation
  2. Orientation Fair
Timetables, booklists and uniform requirements will be issued at the departmental orientation. The Institute has a bookshop and clothing store that accommodates all subject requirements.

For more information about orientation, click here.