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William Angliss Institute has a dedicated full time Apprenticeship Support Officer (ASO) on campus, available for a confidential chat, to answer questions and help with referrals if needed.

If you're undertaking an apprenticeship with William Angliss Institute, you can get help with challenges you may be having during your apprenticeship – in the workplace, in training or in your personal life.

Some examples of issues that may arise:

  • employers not allowing apprentices to attend off-the-job training
  • being unsupervised whilst working onsite and other OHS concerns
  • wage and superannuation queries
  • bullying and discrimination or harassment within the workplace
  • learning challenges with schooling
  • inability to pay school fees and other financial issues
  • falling behind with studies and extension requests
  • being placed on 'downtime' for long periods or being 'out of trade' (unemployed).