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Documents Checklist

Please submit high-resolution and quality colour digital scans of the following documents via WeTransfer (free version only) on to

  • Current and detailed CV, outlining the dates of employment, nature of employment (full-time/part-time), job roles and responsibilities, and qualifications/training completed (with dates)
  • Passport-bio data page
  • Recent Passport photo
  • Up-to-date Employer statements or Reference letters from all previous employers
  • Workplace menus/production list (for each employer)
  • Employment contracts
  • 5 photos of you cooking/producing food in your workplace
  • 20 photos of dishes made by you
  • 12 current or recent payslips in the past 12 months to show proof of employment. You may also be required to submit 2 payslips from each previous employer.
  • 3 PAYGs Summaries and 3 official ATO Notices of Assessments (for onshore employment) from the past 3 years
  • 3 to 5 official offshore tax records (for offshore employment)
  • Tax Clearance Certificate Letters, Payment Summary Letters, Income Tax Returns, and other official documents to verify overseas employment (for offshore employment)
  • Graduation certificates and academic transcripts for all studies, qualifications and certificates undertaken as listed in the CV
  • Completed Self-Assessment Checklist for the nominated occupation

Please ensure all digital scans are named intelligently according to their content with descriptive file names (eg. 'Passport Detail Page', 'PAYG 2013', 'Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery', etc), instead of ambiguous titles (eg. 'img003', 'img004' etc). Menus should also be clearly labelled with the corresponding restaurant & business' name as stated in your CV.

As per the latest TRA guidelines (attached), only high-quality and colour scans of original documents may be accepted – we will not be able to accept black & white scans, scans of certified true copies, Camscanner or other phone/tablet camera scans, photograph of documents, etc.

You will need to submit the digital scans via the free version of WeTransfer. You must be able to substantiate any employment and education/training listed in your CV with relevant evidence.