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Academic Profile - Dr Oliver Buddrick


Oliver Buddrick was born in Germany. He completed his qualification as a German master baker and pastry chef in Stuttgart, Germany where he worked in a variety of bakeries. In 1993, he settled in Australia continuing to work as a baker. He completed his Diploma in Food Science and Technology at William Angliss in Melbourne in 2007 where he was the winner of the Gelita Australia Pty Ltd Award for his work on food product development. He achieved his Bachelor Degree in Food Technology and Nutrition at RMIT University in 2009, followed by Honours in Food Science in 2010 with first class. Oliver received a prestigious industry award at the 44th Annual Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology (AIFST) Convention at the Sydney Convention. He was also the recipient of a Grain Research & Development Corporation scholarship for his PhD study completed in 2014.


  • PhD in Food Science, RMIT University, 2014
  • BSc (Honours) in Food Science, RMIT University, 2010
  • BSc in Food Technology and Nutrition, RMIT University, 2008-2009
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, William Angliss Institute, 2007
  • Diploma of Food Science and Technology, William Angliss Institute, 2005-2007
  • Certificate IV Woolworths Management, Training and Development Woolworths Academy, 2006
  • Diploma - Master Tradesman, Mastership (Meisterbrief) Handwerkskammer Stuttgart (Germany), 1993

Contact details


Areas of expertise

  • Extensive hands-on experience in various analytical techniques
  • Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) testing
  • Vitamin E extraction and separation
  • Enzyme purification
  • Phytate determination
  • Resistant starch determination


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List of research publications

Journal articles

  • Cornell H. J., Stelmasiak T., Small D. M., & Buddrick O., 2016. Application of the rat liver lysosome assay to determining the reduction of toxic gliadin content during breadmaking. Food Chemistry, 192, 924-927.
  • Buddrick O., Jones O. A. H., Hughes J., Kong I., & Small D. M., 2015. The effect of fermentation and addition of vegetable oil on resistant starch formation in wholegrain breads. Food Chemistry, 180, 181-185.
  • Buddrick O., Cornell H. J., & Small D. M., 2015. Reduction of toxic gliadin content of wholegrain bread by enzyme caricain. Food Chemistry, 170(1), 343-347.
  • Buddrick O., Jones O. A. H., Cornell H. J., & Small D. M., 2014. The influence of fermentation processes and cereal grains in wholegrain bread on reducing phytate content. Journal of Cereal Science, 59(1), 3-8.
  • Buddrick O., Jones O. A. H., Morrison P.D., & Small D. M., 2014. Effect of fermentation and oil incorporation on the retention of E vitamers during breadmaking. Cereal Chemistry, 92(3), 327-331.
  • Buddrick O., Jones O. A. H., Morrison P. D., & Small D. M., 2013. Heptane as a less toxic option than hexane for the separation of vitamin E from food products using normal phase HPLC. RSC Advances, 3(46), 24063-24068.

Conference proceedings

  • Buddrick O. & Small D. M., 2012. Investigating a fermentation process to reduce phytate levels in wholegrain bread. In R. Henry (Ed.), Cereals 2012 – Proceedings of the 62nd Australian Cereal Chemistry Conference (pp 120-123). Australasian Grain Science Association Inc., National Library of Australia, Canberra.
  • Buddrick O., Cornell H. J., Small D. M. & Morrison P. D., 2011. The analysis of alpha tocopherol and other E-group vitamers in cereal grain foods, published in L.O. Brien and J.R. Oliver (Eds.), Cereals 2011 – Proceedings of the 61st Australian Cereal Chemistry Conference, (pp. 120-123). Australasian Grain Science Association Inc., National Library of Australia, Canberra.
  • Buddrick O. & Small D. M., 2012. Optimisation of a fermentation process to increase bioavailability in wholegrain bread, 14th ICC Cereal and Bread Congress and Forum on Fats & Oils, 6th-9th August 2012, Beijing International Convention Center, Beijing, China.
  • Buddrick O., Morrison P. D. & Small D. M., 2012. The evaluation of new approaches to extract E-group vitamers and their analysis in cereal grains, The 45th Annual AIFST Convention, held from 15th-18th July 2012, Adelaide Convention Centre, Adelaide, Australia.
  • Buddrick O. & Small, D. M., (2012). Methods of analysis of vitamin E in cereal grain, AIFST Food Science Summer School, held from 1st-3rd of February 2012, University of Melbourne.