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Academic Profile - Paul Taylor




Doctor of Philosophy, La Trobe University


Understanding the long term development of activity tourism attractions in rural areas. An evolutionary perspective of iconic cycle trails in New Zealand

Niche forms of tourism based around outdoor recreational activities have emerged as primary tourism products in many rural locations around the world. While some studies have explored the initial development of these activity forms of rural tourism there are few that investigate the factors that contribute to their sustainability over the long term. The research takes a historical perspective and draws on elements of Evolutionary Economic Geography to theorise that various underlying mechanisms, such as the actions of a range of individual and institutional agents when combined with specific contextual conditions have contributed to the resilience, adaptability and long term development of these types of attractions. Two case studies of iconic cycle trails in New Zealand are being used to investigate these issues. The aim of the research is develop theoretical constructs which may be applicable to other similar activity based attractions in other locations.

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T: +61 3 9606 2344

List of research publications

Journal articles

  • Taylor, P. (2015). What factors make rail trails successful as tourism attractions? Developing a conceptual framework from relevant literature. Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism, 12, 89–98.
  • Taylor, P., Frost, W., & Laing, J. (2016). Meeting the Challenge of Managing Visitor Experiences at Tourism Attractions. In J. N. Albrecht (Ed.), Visitor Management in Tourism Destinations. CABI, Boston, USA, pp.22-32.