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Academic Profile - Yoshi Abe



Doctor of Philosophy, Curtin University


The future of isolated locations with significant tourism potential can be substantially impacted upon by the construction of large-scale infrastructure such as airports. Based on a case study of Tana Toraja in Indonesia, this research will investigate the way tourism development plans and policies are made throughout the infrastructure development process, exploring the friction between different stakeholders and the impacts on local communities and their futures.

This research will reveal how different levels of government and local stakeholders interact when making policy and planning decisions around large infrastructure projects aimed at boosting the local tourism industry. It will investigate the expectations among local tourism stakeholders, local, provincial and national governments, and over time, map the processes that evolve and their correlation to these expectations.
In doing so, this research aims to identify critical points in policy making that can have longstanding impacts on local and national tourism outcomes.

Contact details

T: +61 3 9606 2352

Teaching responsibility

Subject coordinator for Niche Tourism and Introduction to the Tourism Industry

List of research publications

Journal articles

  • Abe, Y. (2013). Achieving World Heritage Status: a case study of Tana Toraja, Indonesia. International Tourism Review, 20, 137-142.

Refereed conference papers

  • Abe, Y. (2012). Preserving culture or destination branding?: World heritage status for Tana Toraja. Paper presented at the CAUTHE: The new golden age of tourism and hospitality, Lincoln University.
  • Abe, Y. (2017). Major Infrastructure and Local Tourism: catalyst for development or the beginning of decline? Paper presented at the Institute of Australian Geographers, The University of Queensland.

Professional memberships

  • Institute of Australian Geographers
  • Japan Foundation for International Tourism