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Funded Academic Projects

A broad scope of funded research projects related to the Institute’s specialisations of Foods, Tourism, Events and Hospitality are listed below. Institute staff have been successful in attracting highly competitive Category 1 funding from the Australian Research Council and the Office for Learning and Teaching.





Funding scheme: International Specialised Skills Institute Fellowship - $13,000 2018-19

Project team:
A/Prof Melanie Williams, William Angliss Institute

Project description:
Twenty first century skills are characterised as being transferrable and multi-dimensional, and are associated with higher order skills and behaviours that represent the ability to cope with the complex problems and unpredictable situations that will feature ever more prominently in the work of the future. This research entailed visits to multiple sites in Europe and one in New Zealand to investigate teaching and curricular approaches to fostering twenty first century skills, in order to generate strategies to address the acknowledged failure of Australian VET training products to develop these skills. The study also investigated international approaches to ensuring the capacity of the VET workforce to appropriately deliver and assess these higher order skills. The full report can be accessed at

Food systems literacy for flourishing communities: Taking action on obesity and wellbeing

Funding scheme: RMIT ECP Capability Development Fund - $20,000, 2017-2018

Project Team:
Prof Tania Lewis at RMIT
Dr Kelly Donati, William Angliss Institute
Dr Nick Rose, William Angliss Institute

Project Description:
Cardinia Shire faces major challenges to the health, wellbeing and quality of life of residents, including levels of obesity one-third higher than the Victorian average. Bringing together highly experienced researchers from Sustain: the Australian Food Network, William Angliss Institute and RMIT’s Digital Ethnography Research Centre, this study aims to work with Cardinia Council to raise levels of healthy food literacy amongst the community and to translate that literacy into changing practices and behaviours. This study will pilot innovative approaches to translating food literacy into community-led change. It will result in an ARC Linkage application in 2018 with Australian and international partners.



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