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School excursion - Sydney Campus

$99 AUD

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This course is currently unavailable, but please email us at and we can keep you up to date about future courses. 


What You Learn

Restaurant service skills or Knife skills and safety

Basic espresso making skills, including extraction and milk texturing

What You Get

Two of the following:Hands-on coffee making,Restaurant service orKnife skills experience

Certificate of participation

Materials to Bring

Morning tea and lunch


Participant list

Dress Code

Participants are advised to wear flat, enclosed, rubber soled shoes and long trousers for comfort and safety in the kitchens. To ensure food safety procedures are followed, long hair should be tied back and all unnecessary jewellery removed.


This school excursion is a great starter course that introduces hospitality industry hopefuls to a range of skills necessary for work in the industry in a fun and interactive environment. Incorporating two 2.5 hour workshops, teachers are able to select which options are delivered on the day to ensure content meets the needs of the student cohort.

 Teachers can select two of the following three options for this one-day excursion:

  • Basic barista skills: aspiring coffee makers will learn about ‘safe’ espresso making procedures, basics of espresso extracting and milk texturing and will prepare coffee from an espresso menu including espresso, latte, cappuccino and long black.
  • Restaurant service skills workshop: budding restaurant professionals, or those simply hoping to get a weekend job in a café will be taught how to set tables, serve food and beverages and gain a broader understanding of conducting themselves in a restaurant environment.
  • Knife skills workshop: a brief glimpse inside a modern commercial kitchen, where a professional chef will show students how to safely use a knife, as well as basic chopping methods, including slicing, dicing and julienning.

 The excursion is designed with year 10-12 secondary school student groups in mind but can be adapted for younger groups on request.

This course cost $99 per person.

 *Please note, there are minor risks involved with conducting the knife skills workshop and using commercial equipment, and it is up to the individual school to determine whether this is appropriate for the group they intend to bring on campus and seek the appropriate permission from all parents.