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Payment Plan applications are available to help all eligible students defer their tuition fees to an agreed schedule of Direct Debit instalments, and are to be made in person at the Information Centre (Mon - Thurs 8:30am - 4pm and Fri 9:30am - 4pm).


What are the eligibility requirements?

All of these conditions must be met in order for a student to be deemed eligible to apply for a Payment Plan:

  • The student is currently undertaking study in a domestic liability category.
  • For students under the age of 18, a parent or legal guardian must be in attendance (with their valid photo ID) to co-sign the application.
  • The student must provide evidence of identification including photo ID when applying.
  • The student is able to demonstrate financial capacity to meet the payment plan.
  • The student has not been granted VET FEE HELP or FEE HELP assistance.
  • The student shows no outstanding debt on their student account.
  • The student is prepared and able to make payment in full of all student service, material, and excursion fees prior to Payment Plan commencement if required under the Fees, Charges, and Refunds Procedure

Payment Plans do not cover uniform and kit list costs, as these are purchased via a third party, and are not charges applied from William Angliss Institute. If a uniform or kit list is required for your course, this will be provided to you via email as part of your enrolment.


How to apply for a payment plan

If you would like to apply for a Payment Plan, you need to visit the Information Centre in person to fill out the designated form – with all relevant parties present. Applicants are responsible for providing true and correct information on this form and ensuring any study plan amendments (withdrawals and enrolments) that occur during this Payment Plan period are reported, in writing, to the Information Centre to avoid Direct Debit default.

Should you wish to use a bank account which is not in your name for the Direct Debit set up, the account holder must be present (with valid photo ID) at the time of application.

Please note that there are some upfront (pay on the day) costs involved in setting up a Payment Plan, these are:

  • $100 Payment Plan set up fee
  • All non-tuition fees (student services, materials, excursions, etc.)
  • Your first Payment Plan instalment

A Payment Plan covers a single enrolment period, and cannot extend into a new enrolment period. You will need to make a new application for each enrolment period, and the outlined set up fee and conditions will apply again.


What is the Financial Viability Test?

In completing and submitting the Payment Plan application form the student agrees they have the financial viability to meet the weekly or fortnightly Direct Debit schedule detailed in the Payment Plan instalments. A member of our Admissions Team will attach the relevant documents and provide the applicant with a copy.


How do deposit and repayments work?

In order to start a Payment Plan, a minimum first payment equal to or greater than one instalment amount is required. All payments need to be made by Direct Debit only and at the frequency as detailed in the application. You need to continue with the payments until the debt is paid in full.

Please note: A cancellation of enrolment does not cancel the obligation to make all outstanding payments as agreed to under the Payment Plan.


What if my situation changes?

Should there be extenuating circumstances affecting your ability to meet repayment commitments, you must report your situation to the Information Centre staff or Wellbeing and Counselling team as early as possible.

For scholarship recipients or students no longer wishing to continue with their Payment Plans, you can pay out the remainder of your instalments in full at any time. Adjustments to the instalment amounts, new enrolments, and withdrawals which cause an existing Payment Plan to default may incur additional fees.


Example Payment Plan:

Here's an approximate (example) Payment Plan set up using the fees for an Aviation student in Study Period 1, 2024 to demonstrate. This is indicative only and is not a confirmed instalment or plan.

Fee Type Tuition Code Tuition Title Amount
Aviation Uniform - Materials     $365.00
Student Services Fee - 2024     $160.00
Wet Drill - Trip     $55.00
Excursion - Trip - Deposit     $480.00
Excursion - Trip - Balance     $900.00
Aviation First Aid     $100.00
Non-tuition Fee Total $2,060
Tuition - Cert III - GSP Aviation AVIG0003 Work effectively in the aviation industry $123.00
Tuition - Cert III - GSP Aviation AVII0003 Advise on major services and attractions at aviation destinations $123.00
Tuition - Cert III - GSP Aviation TLIE3004 Prepare workplace documents $123.00
Tuition - Cert III - GSP Aviation AVIF0034 Apply aviation work health and safety procedures $123.00
Tuition - Cert III - GSP Aviation  AVII0012 Apply knowledge of the structure, products and services of an airline op $246.00
Tuition - Cert III - GSP Aviation  AVIO0019 Apply and monitor aviation workplace security procedures $184.50
Tuition - Cert III - GSP Aviation  AVIF0023 Apply aircraft safety procedures $123.00
Tuition - Cert III - GSP Aviation  AVII0005 Provide customer service on an aircraft $184.50
Tuition - Cert III - GSP Aviation  AVIF0041 Maintain the safety of people and aircraft $184.50
Tuition - Cert III - GSP Aviation  AVIO0017 Manage disruptive behaviour and unlawful interference with aviation $123.00
Tuition - Cert III - GSP Aviation  TLIO0001 Undertake emergency response action to a security threat $123.00
Tuition - Cert III - GSP Aviation  AVIF0042 Respond to abnormal and emergency situations in an aircraft $246.00
Tuition - Cert III - GSP Aviation  TLIF2018 Operate firefighting equipment $123.00
Tuition - Cert III - GSP Aviation  AVIB0001 Manage and carry out pre- and post-flight cabin checks $123.00
Tuition - Cert III - GSP Aviation  AVII0006 Carry out beverage service on an aircraft $246.00
Tuition - Cert III - GSP Aviation  AVII0007 Provide advice about cuisine on an aircraft $123.00
Tuition - Cert III - GSP Aviation  AVII0008 Conduct in-flight retailing $123.00 
Tuition - Cert III - GSP Aviation AVIZ0004 Maintain security awareness and vigilance in an aviation workplace $123.00 
Tuition - Cert III - GSP Aviation BSBWOR301 Organise personal work priorities and development $184.50
Tuition - Cert III - GSP Aviation SITHFAB021 Provide responsible service of alcohol $61.50
Tuition - Cert III - GSP Aviation SITXFSA005 Use hygienic practices for food safety $92.25
Tuition Fee Total $3,105.75
  • Current total fees are $5,165.75, of which $3,105.75 tuition is eligible to defer to a Payment Plan
  • If a student requested the maximum amount of 22 weeks, that would be roughly $142 per week in instalments (PP are set up to direct debit out of the nominated account Wednesday morning each week of the instalment period)
  • First instalment is $142, non-tuition fees $2,060, and PP set up fee $100. That is $2,302 total to pay on the day to secure a Payment Plan