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Government sponsored eligibility exemptions

At Angliss, we are able to offer government-sponsored eligibility exemptions to students that may have otherwise been unable to access a government-subsidised place (GSP).

What does this mean exactly?

The government wants Victorians to gain quality training and education, and therefore have made more GSPs available for students.

Previously, you were unable to access a GSP if you:

  • Had already completed a course at the same level or higher in your lifetime
  • Had already commenced two courses at the same level in your lifetime

Now, due to the eligibility exemption - you may still be able to access a GSP, despite having enrolled in multiple or higher-level courses previously. So, if you’re interested in upskilling or re-skilling for a new career in the Experience Industry, now is the best time to start!

Get in touch with us to find out whether an Eligibility Exemption may apply to you.